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Crime Solving with True Detective

Written and created by Nic Pizzolatto, HBO debuts a new show called True Detective. Okay, it has Mathew McConaughey and Woody Harellson as two flat foots in 1995 Louisiana trying to solve a string of serial killings. However, these two are so damaged in their own personal rights, that they are the perfect partners for each other, although neither agree they should work together. After seeing a few episodes, I think I sort of agree.

Fast forward to 2012, State Police Detectives Rust Cohle (Harrelson) and Martin Hart (McConaughey) are brought in to revisit the homicide case they worked on ’95.  Through separate interrogations, which we believe are interviews, both detectives narrate how they remember the story unfolding. However, as they recount the occurrences of the darkness of the depraved killer, we learn that not all the bad guys are on the other side of the law.  Some of the bad guys also ear badges.

Here is spoiler alert, they got the wrong guy.

Yes, they framed a bunch of people, killed many others, and still, got the wrong dude.

Let me catch you up.

Episode One: Louisiana State CID detectives Martin Hart and Rustin Cohle investigate a murdered woman found in a burned sugarcane field near the town of Erath. The victim is bound and blindfolded, wearing a crown of roots and antlers, with a blue spiral painted on her upper back. Sculptural stick lattices are also found nearby. Cohle sketches the crime scene in his large portfolio, a trait that’s earned him the nickname “The Tax Man.” He shares his theory with Hart: This isn’t the killer’s first victim.

Episode Two:  The Detectives continue their investigation into Dora Lange’s murder. The case’s possible connection to another missing girl, Marie Fontenot, proves tenuous; there’s no explanation for how the lattice structure came to be in Marie’s old playhouse. This episode we also find that Hart experiences blackouts and hallucinations from neural damage when he worked deep cover in a drug trafficking operation.

Episode Three: The detectives watch as a forensics team documents the mural they discovered in the abandoned church. Afterwards, the partners locate the revival ministry they believe Dora Lange attended, the Friends of Christ, where a preacher sermonizes a crowd of underprivileged patrons. In this episode, Cohle returns home from being with his side piece to find a freshly cut yard and his partner Hart sitting in his kitchen having ice tea with his wife.  Insert undue tension into the relationship, which starts to unravel the two partners.

Episode Four: Because they now have a definite suspect, Hart and Cohle are allowed to keep the case from the task force, and they brief the team on their new lead while setting to work looking for Tyrone “Tyro” Weems. The partners track down his ex-girlfriend Kelsey at a strip club. Kelsey claims she can’t help them, but with some encouragement from Hart, the club’s bartender acknowledges Tyro is Kelsey’s ride most nights.

Episode Five: With both suspects dead, Cohle covers for Hart. He has Hart remove the handcuffs from Ledoux, grabs an AK and open fires into the forest. The resulting scene is consistent with the story both men tell the shooting board in 1995.  Later, Hart tells Gilbough and Papania he was promoted to detective sergeant after the case wrapped and he got back together with his wife. Cohle received a commendation for bravery and dated a doctor named Laurie. Years later, Hart laments that he didn’t appreciate the good times with his wife and daughters when he should have, but of course he couldn’t, because he was too busy scouting out young loving.

Episode Six: In 2002, Martin Hart visits the holding cell of the two young men caught with his underage daughter. Hart offers them a choice: prison time in Angola or his version of justice. After beating the two boys, he leaves the building and vomits.  Most times your kids are a reflection on how good of a parent you were.  Cohle kids are a prime example that he sucked as a father.

Episode Seven: Cohle believes this person has been responsible for disappearances all over the coast. He confesses he’s been working the case on his own since he returned to Louisiana two years ago, and he needs Marty. When Hart refuses to help, Cohle insists that Hart has a debt; he killed Ledoux before they could get answers from him, he takes his former friend to a storage unit filled with data, maps and information on the case he is obsessed with.

Now you are caught up, tune in for Episode 8 which premiers March 9 on HBO at 9/8c.