Orphan Black blends the cryptic with the thematic. Every episode of its first season was named for a quote from Darwin’s On The Origin Of Species, while the second used quotes from Sir Francis Bacon, who developed the scientific method. There’s a strange beauty to decontextulised phrases such as Variations Under Domestication but the season one finale Endless Forms Most Beautiful has a deep poetic beauty all of its own.
—  The art of the episode title x (via 324b21-clone)

hi hello, i have a mighty need for this sour skittles prompt to be realized

sour skittles where derek is older and divorced and scott and stiles want to help him get his groove back. 

44 yr old derek greying and moping around the coffee shop stiles works at while working on his phd. stiles telling his boyfriend scott abt the hot older guy that fiddles w/ his ring finger but there’s no ring & stiles wants to make him their new project.

scott reluctantly agrees and they offer to help him get back out there. so they take him to clubs and out to lunch, getting him back out into the scene. slowly they each fall in love with derek but they feel like they have to get him out there w/ other ppl even tho they want to keep him for themselves. 

and derek wants them too but he feels like he’s too old and they have each other so he tries for their sake.

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Ty and Zane, where is your wedding going to be and what will it be like. Who are you thinking of inviting? Zane do you think your Mom will come? Love you guys. P.S Kelly what are you and Nick going to do?

Zane: Jesus, if we knew all that we’d just go ahead and do it already.

Ty: Did it just get really warm in here, or …

Zane: No, it’s pretty comfortable.

Ty: I think it’s kind of warm in here.

Zane: Hold on. Are you getting nervous, doll?

Ty: My stomach feels like it just dropped ten stories. You don’t think it’s warm in here? 

Nick: Oh my God … he’s got wedding jitters.

Zane: He really does. This is so cute.


It is possible to define a consistent addition of points on certain kinds of curves (elliptic curves). This arithmetic plays an important role in modern mathematics. For instance, Wiles’ proof of Fermat’s last theorem is a consequence of the modularity theorem (once known as the Taniyama-Shimura-Weil conjecture), which gives a strong connection between elliptic curves and modular forms. Elliptic curves over finite fields also have cryptographic applications, or can be used for integer factorization.

If your soul chose this body—or as many believe, if God gave you this body—learn how to make the best of it. Do your makeovers and remodeling so that, in your present awareness, you can be more at peace—but know that it does not matter how many times you restructure your physical form; if you do not learn to love your body, you will never be fulfilled.

Whenever you find yourself feeling that you are in the wrong body, remember that above all, your body is the home that unconditionally is and will be there for you in this lifetime, silently teaching you what unconditional love and acceptance is—because even if you despise it every single day and every single night, it will always be there for you.

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Kelly, you said that there were some things about having sex with a guy you loved, and there were other things you missed. Can you elaborate on what you miss?

Kelly: I think it was pretty obvious that the things I miss are attached to women …

Owen: Girly parts?

Digger: Lady bits.

Nick: This could go on a for a while.

Ty: And get increasingly more uncomfortable for all involved.