Nation-Wide Rallies Today Across Canada Against Bill C-51

“This will be the second national day of action against bill c-51 and rallies are planned to take place across the country in a variety of cities, from Vancouver to Ottawa people will be out there making sure that their voices are heard and not overlooked on this issue.

If the Harper government pushes through this legislation despite the massive outcry from the public (including four former Prime Ministers), and the repeated polls confirming widespread discontent, then it is rather evident that they are operating outside the will of what the Canadian people want.

As it stands, the Tories have yet to clearly demonstrate how (if at all) bill c-51 might make us any safer or how it might go about improving current methods of investigation at all.  - See more at:


Most Canadians Oppose C51

Tories Bullying Citizens over C51

Nationwide Rallies #1 against c51

Fighting for liberty/Tackling bill c51

c51 Phising Expedition

Edward Snowden Warns Canadians About c51

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fighting ‘til the war’s won
i don’t care if heaven won’t take me back


[x] Give her the guns, give her the knives, and all the weapons that she despises; arm her to the teeth, dress her in black once you make a perfect little warrior out of her, there’ll be no going back.


So we started off the hiatus with a general ladies appreciation week, but we still have a long while until season three starts up. We were thinking that there isn’t enough love out there for some ladies of the show. In order to fix that and have more to do throughout the hiatus, we’re having days throughout the break dedicated to different ladies. Starting Saturday April 18th, we’ll dedicate a day to a lady where everyone is invited to make gifsets, edits, graphics, videos, and etc to show some appreciation for them and to have more things of them to reblog! Then, after the first one we’ll have another one every couple of weeks.

The dates with their ladies that we have planned are as followed:

  • April 18 - Abby
  • May 2 - Anya
  • May 16 - Caris
  • May 30 - Echo
  • June 13 - Emori
  • June 27 - Fox
  • July 11 - Harper
  • July 25 - Indra 
  • August 8 - Maya
  • August 22 - Monroe
  • September 5 - Sienne

The tag we can use is #hundredladiesdays. We’ll make reminder posts leading up to each ladies’ day especially since a few of them are down the line. If you have any questions or even suggestions, send us a message!

Please reblog to spread the word, and have fun!