there is a girl down here. i’ve never seen dance moves like that for a happy birthday song. x

Harry imagine

- for Alys

"Harry! I can’t tell him!" You say to your boyfriend. You just found out you’re pregnant and Harry has told you that you need to tell it to your dad."Why not, love?" Harry asks, getting frustrated."I don’t know how he will react! I’m kinda scared for his reaction.." You say, looking down at your feet. Harry comes up at you."but why? He won’t do anything. He will be surprised like all dads would be! He’s not gonna be mad, I know your dad, he loves you more than anything. He can never be mad at you." Harry say. You smile."But how am I going to tell it? Not just like "hey dad, I’m pregnant, you’re going to be a grandfather, hope that’s okay."" You say. Harry laughs." No, me and the boys will find something." He says and kisses you." I’ve to go now! See you in a bit!" He says before leaving the house.

*skipping some time*

The door opens.”Babeee!” Harry shouts.”In the kitchen!” You shout back.”babe, the boys are also here, you okay with that?” He ask as he gives you a kiss on your cheek.”yes, of course!” You say and he leaves the kitchen again.”Alys! Can you come here for a sec!” Niall shouts. You walk to where the boys are and sit on the couch.”Harry just told us about that thing with your dad and that you don’t know how to tell it, we can help you by giving you some ideas.” He happily say.”oh, yes, please. That would be great!” You say. “A cart?” Zayn says. Everyone disagrees.”Too original!” Louis says.”do you still have the pregnancy test? Otherwise you can do something with that?” Liam says.”no, I don’t have it anymore.” You sadly say.”wait, babe. Isn’t it your dads birthday soon?” Harry asks. You nod.”yeah, in 5 days, why?” You ask, you were confused. Why would the birthday of your dad have to do something with this.”well, we can like make him a cake and on the cake we write something like “congrats you’re going to be a grandpa”?” Harry suggests.”that’s actually a good idea, Styles. Didn’t know your brain was still working.” Niall says, joking around.”Very funny, what do you think babe?” He asks you. You nod.”yes, we can do that! Good idea, Thank you!” You say and hug him.

*5 days later*

"Okay, you ready? You have the cake?" Harry asks Niall. He nods. All the boys were invited at your dads "birthday party"."I’m nervous." You say to harry. He hugs you," everything will be okay. Don’t worry love." He says. You nod and smile. You arrive at your dads house and knock on the door. Your dad opens." Hello my darling! How are you?" He asks when he gives you a hug."I’m good, dad. Happy birthday!" You smile. All the boys say happy birthday to your dad before entering the house.

*skipping some time.*

“Time for some cake?” Your dad asks and everyone agrees. You follow your dad to the kitchen.”dad, can you, umm, can you cut the cake?” You nervously ask.”sure love.” He says. You can hear the boys coming into the kitchen. Your dad gasps and you turn around.”Alys? What is this?” He asks, shocked.”um, dad, I’m pregnant. You’re going to be a grandpa.” You say not sure how he will react. Harry comes in the room and stands next to you. Your dad looks at you, getting tears in his eyes.” Oh my god.” He whispers and pulls you into a tight hug, you hug him back tightly.”I can’t believe! I am going to be a grandpa! I’m so happy for you two!! This is the best birthday gift I’ve ever had.” He says.

|| sorry, it’s not that good.. But I hope you like it .xx ||

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"There is a girl down here. I’ve never seen dance moves like that for a happy birthday song" HAHAHA 😂
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