We sacrifice ourselves for each other. And that guilt that we feel when we let somebody down or when they’re afraid of us when they think they’re gonna kill us is a sort of excommunication phobia where we’re not being good monkeys, we’re not doing this right, this person’s afraid of me, I hurt somebody. I’m not long for this world if I gotta function on my own. I will not survive out there.
—  Dan Harmon

I gotta watch the fourth season first, but I mean I- and everyone keeps saying: ‘You know what you gotta do?’ And you can finish this along with me. ‘You should have Abed come out of the box you put him in-’

Which I did- I kind of was thinking that at the end of Season 3. I was like I’ve got a feeling this is gonna hit the fan, let’s put the weird guy in the box and have a bright light flash so that, just in case, just in the weirdest case scenario where if I don’t come back. And then an even weirder case where I come back for the fifth season

'-and you have him come out of the box and go 'Blurgh! Lame!' and then just get started with a fourth season of Community.'

BUT you already all thought of that. I’ve seen you online saying that. And it sounds to me, and I can say this now because I haven’t seen the fourth season so I’m just saying from reading the reviews (which was very healthy of me) that if there was a complaint among fans, and this is kind of ironic and something to learn a lesson from (I don’t know what), that there was uh- the word fanfiction kept coming up- that there was what Geena Davis in the Fly would call a synthetic kind of going-through-the motions sort of a ‘this is what Community is so here it is for you served up on a platter’ and you know I think in a world where everybody says that and everybody says ‘You should pretend the fourth season was a dream!’ and then if I did that then we’re just continuing the cycle of abuse aren’t we?

So the fifth season needs to be a kind of emotional, spiritual reboot, you know right? It needs to get back to some kind of basics. I’m gonna bring the monkey back, I imagine. Three more monkeys!


WARNING! Season 2 joke spoilers!
But if you can’t resist… this is an animatic from season 2!
Wubba lubba dub dubs!


Last night there was a pumpkin carving contest at a local brewery;
I couldn’t resist carving my “Rick and Morty Adventures” shirt design :)

If you want the shirt you can buy it here, it’s still on sale for only $14 the next 12 hours!