#RGV4Choice: 42 Years of Roe V. Wade Rally

Sat. Jan 24th at 8:30 AM - Whole Women’s Health Clinic (802 South Main Street, McAllen, TX 78501) 

Jan 22nd will be the 42nd anniversary of the Roe v Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision and local Catholic parishes plan to hold an antichoice march on the 24th which will go by Whole Women’s Health on its route. We are calling on all pro-choice RGV’ers to stand in solidarity with the clinic on this day, to ensure it operates smoothly, and the participants of the antichoice parade witness the support for choice in the Valley. 

Please wear pink or orange, please no blue shirts. We will have free pins for the first 100 attendees, there will be a ride for choice, and many roles need to be filled! We will need a full staff of volunteer escorts to ensure patients enter and leave the clinic undisturbed, folks willing to document through film/photos both our rally and the antichoice march, and then general participants who can surround the front of the clinic so when the march comes by they get a big eyeful/earful. 

We will be using a local hashtag #rgv4choice and the national hashtag #roevwade. 

There will also be a donation drive. For every antichoice participant we count, we will ask for a certain amount from donors, to be put into a fund which will help pay for procedures for patients who are able to pay entirely for their abortion. 

Remember RGV, our clinic’s future is currently uncertain. If Whole Women’s Health is shut down, RGV folks will be forced to go to San An, which automatically means undocumented people in the RGV will not have access to safe abortion. For those who are documented, this means paying for gas, at least one overnight stay due to the Texas law requiring a waiting period of 24 hrs between consultation and procedure, and medical costs. This will force many people to turn to unsafe means for abortion. It’s up to us to stand for choice and make our voices heard right here in the RGV!


Harlingen Lighthouse - Netherlands

If you’re a fan of unusual accommodation spaces, you’ll probably fall in love with the Art-Deco designed Harlingen Lighthouse in northern Netherlands, which stands out in so many ways. It is a quirky design hotel with only one three-story suite appointed with modern amenities, trendy nautical-inspired décor and all-round panoramic views. Equally unique, the bathroom with its peculiar circular shower occupies the first floor, while the other two house the bedroom and the dining area, both of whom offer a wonderful sense of intimacy and magnificent panoramic vistas.


Riverhead Books announced the winner of its Little Free Library sweepstakes today. A 15-year-old Boy Scout from Harlingen, TX struggle to find an Eagle Scout project with meaning until he learned about Little Free Library [LFL], an Innovations in Reading Prize-winner.

"What a great concept and way to give back to my community. If you look at the LFL world map there is only one library in our entire region. You can certainly see a void for hundreds of miles in every direction. My dad always tells me to try and leave a legacy and that’s what I hope to do with this project. My goal isn’t to just build one LFL but to start a movement in the Valley with LFLs in our region."

The prize was judged by Riverhead authors and voted on by the public. Read more of his winning entry here.

Please Read Y'all...

My name is Rosa Escobedo. You may be familiar with the sudden flow of immigrants coming to the US including the Valley from places like Honduras and El Salvador. These people are coming with permission from the US due to their lives being in danger in their country. The border patrol is buying them a ticket to go and meet their family relatives in different parts of the US. These families including babies have been detained in border patrol rooms for days and finally get to travel. They arrive at McAllen bus station and from there volunteers invite them to hydrate, eat and for first time after days to bathe and change clothes before they continue on their trips. Sister Norma from Sacred Heart Church opened the church which is near the bus station and started offering these people something to drink and eat. It is amazing what is happening in this place. Through word of mouth, face book and other media people from all over the valley from different denominations have come together to make donations: food, clothes, hygiene products, diapers, baby products. There have been different reporters covering the story from New York Times to our local valley.

At this time our biggest need is volunteers to serve these families. They are very humble people who are intimidated to ask for anything even if they are starving. Families can come in every hour from 9:00 am to 11:30 pm. We never know when they will arrive but when they do they come in large numbers. The city of McAllen is helping out by directing traffic of people who come to drop off donations. They provided portable showers for people to bathe in and currently a Dr. will be on site in a portable. Some of these babies are coming in dehydrated and the gift to see the before and after is PRICELESS. This is a great opportunity to serve others and to learn about their experiences.

I’m asking if you are willing to help these are some of the duties you will helping out with:
- serving plates of food
- organizing items that come in to be donated: categorize shoes, pants, shirts, baby food and would be in charge of a family as they come in.
- making sure that the families have something to eat, were able to bathe and change clothes, they have extra food to take on their trip.

As I mentioned before if we don’t offer these things to them, they will not ask. There have been situations when people leave without eating because they don’t ask and we are so short in volunteers that it is hard to keep track of everybody.

If you are interested in volunteering all you have to do is show up and ask for Sister Norma who will direct you to where the help is needed.

The address is 306 S. 15th St McAllen. This hall is open from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. all week long including weekends Saturdays and Sundays.

Thank you very much for your attention to this invitation. We look forward to hearing from you all.

If you need further information or clarification please feel free to contact me via e-mail or phone to 956-533-1672 or Sister Norma, 956-455-1484.

Thank you and GOD Bless you,

Rosa Escobedo J

Dropping major RGV wisdom

RGV folks, 

Before the wisdom is dropped, it should be said, this does not apply to every person who hates on el Valle. There is a distinct difference between folks who would benefit from moving away from their hometown and those who are being adressed in this post. Most of y’all should be able to tell who is who. 

Next up and most importantly, everybody has a right to their feelings. Please don’t take this post as an attack on what you’ve got going on inside. It is just an insight from someone who has lived the song and dance of this particular form of RGV hating, got burned, and wanting to help folks avoid getting burned like I did. 

Not going to make this long or drawn out. I can speak from personal experience when I tell you, LEAVING THE VALLEY DOES NOT MAGICALLY MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER. A lot of folks down here think moving to Austin or San Ann is going to fix everything about their lives because they are going to leave the Valley “someday” and when “someday” comes all of life’s problems will vanish.   

As a former RGV hater, Austin romanticizer, I bolted from this place in 2009 and came crawling back with more problems than when I left. The truth of the matter was, my problems originated within myself, and hating on this place was a way of avoiding any kind of self reflection. It’s easy to hate this place and the people who live here because, to these particular type of haters: “it’s boring, it’s simple, it’s this, it’s that” but let me tell y’all something - this place IS magical

The Valley is filled with immense culture, delicious food, beautiful spots urban and natural, with amazing artists new and old, and lot’s of different music/dances to enjoy. It has a history which is sadly not told enough and a people who have endured a lot. Still enduring a lot. You think this place is boring? You think this place is plain? The Valley is an adventure waiting to happen, from Rio Grande City to SPI. We have a salt flat, a walmart turned library, cafes & bakeries of all kinds in every city, a corn maze, new and old architecture, a sea turtle rescue, vintage shops, kid’s museum, abandoned buildings and bridges to explore, THE PULGA, bike polo, nights celebrating art, festivals, porch front get togethers, carnivals and go carts, shows of different kinds, skate parks, amazing theater productions, costume museum, wildlife refuges, open land and sunflower fields, an 80’s bar and creative incubator, blues on the hill, strong beautiful brave women, a zoo, incredible street art to name a few bits and pieces of this place we call home. 

The people here, if you would stop and say hello to them, will change your life and stay with your forever if you give them a chance. Some won’t be friendly but I promise they’re many friendly folks out there who could tell you a story or two worth your while. 

Just look through this Tumblr. JUST LOOK AT THIS TUMBLR POR DIOS! 

Are there bad aspects? Sure. Is there room for improvement? Always. But how can we change and improve this already magical place if everyone just bounces? You take your ganas, dreams, talent, and resources when you go to places like Austin, away from the Valley. Why not stay and be the game changer? 

Finally and more to a personal aspect to all of this. Running away from home will not solve your problems. There are some situations where leaving helps but some of y’all don’t need to be leaving or bouncing. You need to get out there (el valle), face your fears, JUST DO IT, and learn gratitude. You need to learn to see the beauty in the Valley or you will never be able to see the true beauty in the world. A big fancy building can take your breath away for a moment but you’ll never appreciate the view if you can’t appreciate this place. There are a lot of “Valleys” out there ya’ll, though this one for sure is unique. Nonetheless, you will find that no matter where you go, your problems will follow until you can be honest and face them head on. It ain’t easy to do but you’ll benefit in the long run. Just try it and see what happens. 

The major wisdom in all of this? To truly live your life fruitfully, you need to learn how to appreciate and love the place and people you’re around, no matter where you are. You don’t think they’re are people in Dallas who wanna get away? Of course there are. Why? Because no matter where you live or how “badass” your life will be “someday,” if you have a certain mind-set/Habits/Outlook (non-self-reflection||denial) and hater attitude, you will never totally enjoy life. 

Btw, after a while, Austin is pretty much like anywhere else. Bars, shows, yadda yadda, same thing down here except bigger bands with BIGGER price tags. In fact a majority of places are more expensive than here. FYI Y’ALL. 


!!! McAllen/Edinburg/Weslaco Warning !!!

If a guy named Greg from McAllen comes up to you at a library or you find an ad of his on craigslist for babysitting his young daughter, watch out! He has history of harassing girls and not paying them, along with a lot of other not cool behavior. He targets young women who may be strapped for cash so be on the look out folks! 


Please watch the RGV4Choice Rally video. The next big action to defend women and folks who can get pregnant is on March 8th, 2015, International Women’s Day, in Brownsville! Please come out and show your support for women’s rights.

On Jan 24th, South Texans for Reproductive Justice organized a rally, #RGV4Choice,  in response to an anti-choice march planned to pass by Whole Women’s Health clinic in McAllen, the last operating abortion clinic in the RGV.

The rally drew people from all over the Valley to stand in solidarity with the clinic, and it’s patients.

In observance of lent some religious individuals are currently participating in “40 days of life” which is bringing many anti-choice individuals to the clinic who are accosting patients as they enter and leave the clinic.

Please consider becoming a volunteer clinic escort by messaging this page or emailing sotx4rj@gmail.com