Man Out Of You (Mulan) - Dr Who Parody

Let’s get down to business to defeat cat nuns,

Did they send me Harkness, when I asked for River Song?

You’re the maddest bunch I ever met,

But you can bet before we’re through

Human, I’ll make a companion of you.

We must be swift as a weeping angel,

With all the force of the great Judoon,

With all the strength of a raging Dalek,

Mysterious as the dark side of an Ood.

but what if: young bisexual companion that has heard the doctor talk about captain jack harkess and is fucking thrilled to meet him because he’s fucking iconic

Character Type Stuff Round 2: Robin

This guy’s name has been crafted: Robin Jeremy Harkess

… That is, if I’m remembering his last name right. _xD

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anonymous said:

Is there something you want to tell somebody but are too afraid to right now?

There are a lot of things I wanna say, but don’t. I’m a big baby.

I want to tell some people that I enjoy their company and want to get to know them better and be better friends, but I don’t wanna come off too strong.  

I wanna tell a lot of people that they are cute.

I wanna tell Harkess that I miss him and he needs to get off work so he can play games with me.  : (

I wanna tell Andie that I wish I could have hung out with her more.

I wanna tell everyone that I love them.


harkess said:

22, 53 and 59

22. description of crush:

Great taste in everything, very cute, hilarious, understanding and patient with me, wonderfully dorky, intelligent, easy-going.

53. 5 things that make me happy:


people who let me roll down the windows when I ride in their car.

friend’s art.

LAN parties.

places where there is little light pollution.

intimate 1 on 1 interactions with people.

59. why i joined tumblr:

I joined tumblr because… I had heard a lot about it from a lot of people and I wanted a place I could post my art and poetry so I didn’t have to risk losing it on my shitty laptop at the time that was bound to die at any moment. (it did shortly after.)  I had no idea how many people I would meet and bond with over this site, and I love it.