Today’s Song of the Day: haresonthemountain “Merry Christmas, Asshole!”

Merry Christmas, assholes! While you all may be assholes, so am I, and I am willing to claim all of you wonderful folk following me and talking to me and such as my assholes. I care about you and love you all no matter what, so just remember that if you’re feeling down. Now go out and have the best goddamn Christmas ever.

As far as the song goes, this is a holiday number from Dallas’s favorite danger folk crew, and this seems like about the perfect song for their crazy asses. So just bask in it for a while. Well, the song and lastjoke's awesome hat. Because that's worthy of its own basking. Merry fuckin Christmas y'all



A rough scene from the upcoming feature film A R C.

Director: Mitch McLeod
Written By: Joey Folsom and Mitch McLeod
Starring: Joey Folsom, Martha Harms, Christopher Cassarino, Marla Jo Kelly, Kia Boyer, Austin Tindle, and Corey Cleary-Stoner

Music Artist: Hares On the Mountain
Song: Wasted
Used with permission of the artists.


Revision and exams over, had a lovely two days with my sister in York. Time to relax with music and tea and move as little as possible.


Merry Christmas, Asshole!  

Recorded live at Hares HQ.

Happy Holidays from your favorite Danger Folk sextet.

You and I’ve been through much too much.

We got stories others just can’t touch.

What we call love others call a hassle.

All I wanna say is “Merry Christmas” asshole.

Some celebrate by trading gifts.

We just sit there looking pissed.

We both think we could do so much better.

Looking all grumpy in our Christmas sweaters.

Santa got your note.

No, he won’t take out a hit.

That’s not how the big man works.

We have to clean up our own shit.

Cause we’re just too ornery for anyone else.

Holidays spent all by ourselves.

The gifts we got are the same as last year

A roomful of sorrow and a 6 pack of beer.

We are all we got

In spite of all of our woe 

Just give it one more shot

hit me under the mistletoe

So come here baby, now don’t be sad.

You and I can’t be all that bad.

No one else’s even comes near.

We got our own brand of Christmas cheer.

Maybe for tonight let’s not fight but raise a glass.

Just wanna hear you say “Merry Christmas my sweet ass!”

Merry Christmas Asshole!

Once again, once again.


Hares contributed the song “Wasted” to the upcoming indie film ARC.


Teaser for new EP “Sheep,” from Hares on the Mountain.  Danger Folk from Denton, Texas.