Le Comte Harebourg - Le montreur de montres de Frigost.

The Count Harebourg - The Frigost’s master of clocks.

In this article from the Dofus Mag Integrale 01,

it’s said that Harebourg fell in love when he first met Jiva. Also, the picture above:

"The fact that this machine (the Water Clock) was a trap for the demon (Djaul) didn’t frighten Harebourg ever. He has already had situations with the Hour Demons, and apart from some space and time fragments less here and there, he never suffered considerable consequences.”

Would "the Others" be Hour Demons?

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So, my most recent research indicated that Harebourg is killed once defeated in Dofus, but reading the quest entry in the Dofus Wiki would suggest that he’s actually put back in the ice by Djaul instead (once you’ve broken his damn shoulder and stolen a fragment of the bone. Happy now?).

This would make waaaaaay more sense, because Harebourg seems pretty alive in Wakfu to me.

I was wondering if it was one of those “Surprise! You all thought he was dead!” things, but fortunately it seems not.

That’s what using Google translate gets you. xD