Yet another bulk of sketches!! =D

1 and 2 are two upcoming wallpapers for my patrons. These are the sketch ideas for them. Featuring Jane and Marianne for September and October.

3- A little doodle of Sarahbelle… being to tired of this shit.

4- Mira’s Tracy. Little practice doodle i did for the character sheet i posted before.

5- A gift for Crysalia. She did this cute picture of Tina and Bradley so  did a liittle “thank you” sketch for her.

6- Some sketchest of Bernadette the stoat. 

7- A little sketch of Jane. I got mixed feelings with it. I like it and dislike it at the same time. Don’t know why.

8- A sketch of Tina that was going to be the last wallpaper i did with her. I scrapped this one for the unconcious bartender. I think i did a good call on it.

9 and 10 are just asorted doodles of Jane, Marianne and Avigail for The Eye olf Ramalach. =D