"Fight & Flight"

Excited to finally post my final for Light Grey Art Lab's Animystics show, opening April 25th! The topic was very personal, so this was a fun piece for me. Framed and signed prints are available here, if you’re interested. Part of the show proceeds go to animal rescues of the artists’ choice, so be sure to support and check out the rest of the show! There’s so much great stuff. :)

This is a picture of the jackalope (with the antlers removed for this photo) after the parade at Dragon*Con. :D I’d been working on this gal on and off on the evenings since March, and I got her done just in time by staying up late for a few weeks. *wipes forehead* I had a GREAT time wearing her, my and my friend were even chosen to ride in a Cadillac in the parade! <3

She’s already sold to someone - I hope to get lots of better photos within the next month.