Inateck USB 3.0 4-port Hub

Inateck USB 3.0 4-port Hub

4 USB 3.0 ports and 2 dedicated charging ports, do I even have that many devices?

The InateckUSB 3.0 hub is one of those handy pieces of tech that is small enough to take anywhere and functional enough for constant use. The fact that you have 1 dedicated charging port is fantastic, you don’t have to use one of those valuable data ports to charge a device, in fact, because the charging port does…

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🙋Made a few changes to the Bound Cage Top. We’re super busy finishing and shooting the new Fall designs now. Can’t wait to launch soon and add new photos for too!! #agashibychristinao #cage #harness #bound #tight #blvck #darkfashion #alternative #etsy #fw14 #allblackeverything #totalblack #luxurylingerie #handmade #lotd #sewing #altgirls #altfashion #fblogger #lingerieaddict #hardware #gothgirl #instagoth #bodyharness #ravegirls #cybergoth


Wacom Intuos Pro M
Aaaah I’m so happy it’s finally here !

For so long I drawed with a mouse on Gimp. As much as I enjoy drawing with it, after 6 years I feel like I reach my limits. I can’t progress anymore as fast as I would like to. I keep using some tweaks I made on my own to make my mouse do what a pen would do super easily. Like hair. I can’t draw it as detailled as I would like too. I can’t make perfect curves like I do on paper. It’s so annoying ! I know I can do way better than this !

When I first got into digital drawing I tried a graphic tablet from a cheapobrand but quickly ditched it. I simply hated it. It was a mere piece of plastic not responsive at all with a plain pen.

This time it’s different. I have a very bad artblock since months mostly due to not getting better. I currently hate everything I draw. I’m not able to put on a canvas what I have in mind anymore and it truly makes you feel terrible when you live to draw. As I was looking to give a second chance to this drawing tool,  I was lucky enough to grab this beauty on an Amazon “Today’s deal” ! 40% off, It’s just like the web merchant heard my struggle. :D It’s exactly the size and the model I was planning to buy after reading many reviews. It’s awesome !

Speaking about size, I didn’t except it to be this big for a medium sized tablet. Compared to my keyboard it’s huuuuuuuuuuuuuge ! But it’s great. As I have a 24” screen, the tablet to screen ratio is very good.

The feeling is so different from the ones I tried before. I don’t feel confused at all about keeping the focus on the screen and not my hands. I can rest my palm on the tablet without messing up my work. I still need a bit of practice, but I’m sure I will be able to make better drawings once I get used to it ! (yeah I still feel like using my mouse for some stuff but oh well at least I’m able to work on details now !)

People weren’t wrong about Wacom, they really make high quality products. ♥ I can’t wait to start my next drawing with it ! It may not be good but at least I will be able to finish it this time before exploding !

—-I bought as well the Wacom bamboo stylus and the app “Procreate” for my ipad. I will show you next time I get a chance to try these.

Modeling my newest harness. Tweaking the back straps but happy with the fit. Coming soon to the shop!! Handmade and sweatshop free 💘💘💘#agashibychristinao #harness #tight #hardware #cage #darkfashion #alternative #altgirls #altfashion #nugoth #tight #curves #etsy #totalblack #lace #shopsmall #etsyshop #wiwt #fashiondesign #handmade #wimt (at


Hypothetical Team-Ups: Anti-Dairy League, Part II

Again, part of the awesome harshcutieszoos's Anti-Dairy League.

I’m not making a “boys only” League — I consider this lineup occurring in tandem with the ladies. But since the ladies got their own post I figured I’d highlight the B Team ;P

Again, some of these have been used by multiple other Anti-Dairy Leagues but I think I did slightly better than the girls.

That’s either because I wasn’t making this one at 2 in the morning or because there are far less women of color in the DCU than there are men. I think we all know which one I’m leaning toward.

I should stop making photosets at 2 in the morning.

Green Arrow ( Connor Hawke ) | Batwing ( David Zavimbe ) | Firestorm ( Jason Rusch ) | Nightrunner ( Bilal Asselah ) | Mister Miracle ( Shilo Norman ) | August General in Iron ( Fang Zhifu ) | Hardware ( Curtis Metcalf ) | Green Lantern ( Kyle Rayner )