A good friend will not just tell you it’s all
going to be fine. A good friend will tell you it’s
all really fucked and the next few months will
be hell but will phone in for pizza, pour her
best liquor, and say, ‘You will not face this hell
—  Beau Taplin || Friendship for dummies. 

DNA signature found in ice storm babies

The number of days an expectant mother was deprived of electricity during Quebec’s Ice Storm (1998) predicts the epigenetic profile of her child, a new study finds.

Scientists from the Douglas Mental Health University Institute and McGill University have detected a distinctive ‘signature’ in the DNA of children born in the aftermath of the massive Quebec ice storm. Five months after the event, researchers recruited women who had been pregnant during the disaster and assessed their degrees of hardship and distress in a study called Project Ice Storm.

Thirteen years later, the researchers found that DNA within the T cells - a type of immune system cell - of 36 children showed distinctive patterns in DNA methylation.

The researchers concluded for the first time that maternal hardship, predicted the degree of methylation of DNA in the T cells. The “epigenetic” signature plays a role in the way the genes express themselves. This study is also the first to show that it is the objective stress exposure (such as days without electricity) and not the degree of emotional distress in pregnant women that causes long lasting changes in the epigenome of their babies.

  • But realize that you weren’t made for this dunyah; this dunyah was made for you. So yes, you will be greeted with hardship and with it will be baggage, so much baggage. & maybe hardship will overstay its welcome; maybe you’ll grow tired of it being too comfortable in your setting, but respond with patience. The time will come when the hardship will depart. Respond with patience, it will soon depart. 

The more pious you are, the more tests you will face. If you have taqwa, the more hardship you will face, this should not put you off. You will regret it on the day of Judgement. If you are not being tested enough, you should question yourself, why am I having an easy life? Why am I doing wrong? etc.. Being tested should increase your imaan. The Sahabah used to enjoy the tests and they had the hardest tests ever. Why should we enjoy it? As soon as you are being tested, you should have the belief that Allah loves you and he wants the best for you. Say Alhamdulillah and welcome these tests. Tests shouldn’t make you weak, rather they should increase your imaan. Allah will test those whom he loves.

Whoever wants to have everlasting peace and well-being with no affliction does not understand the meaning of Allah’s commandments, nor does he perceive the meaning of submission to Allah.
Every soul (either believing or disbelieving) shall inevitably taste suffering in this world, for this life is based on hardships.
Man lives between comfort and suffering.
—  Ibn al Jawzi (rahimahullah)

A size comparison of the kaiju of Pacific Rim, along with some other famous beasts. Handsome art by Jaroslav Koshina. See it in higher resolution here.

A troublesome day will be soothed with the remembrance of Allaah; never forget that. Never forget that the same tongue that can utter dissatisfaction and frustration, should utter praises and gratitude. He knows best. This pain, this difficulty, this hardship is the bitter cure; sabr. What awaits you is sweetness.

When you see someone who seems to have a perfect life, understand that they too are tested by Allah, but their tests are probably private.
There are many people who go through tests that nobody knows about besides them and Allah.
So don’t become jealous of anybody’s life as they may be going through tests that you wouldn’t be able to pass.
—  Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar