If I become a parent, I will teach my children vanity.
I will teach them to love themselves through and through,
as if they are made of diamonds and indestructible to the touch.
I will make them believe they can shine with only the radiance
of something put under thousands of pounds of pressure.
I will teach them arrogance;
the words that sting will bounce right off them,
I will show them that mercy is given to those who deserve it and
ignorance is a balancing trait.
They will know the meaning of value,
whether a person’s argument is valid,
whether a bruised apple should really cost that much
and to always value to lives of others.
I will teach them brutality,
for not everything is life is coated in cotton,
not all blows are made by pillows and dandylions.
There is harshness in the world but to not internalize it,
to fight for what they believe in regardless of pride.
I will teach them selfishness;
see yourself first,
it is not bad to worry about what is on your shoulders.
You are growing, you do not need bricks upon your back
while you are still blossoming.
And I will teach them regret
for there are moments in one’s life where you will want to rewind
turn back to the last page or marker and redo it.
It is alright to make a choice,
to regret it,
you move on and you strengthen.
The excuse ‘you only live once’ is made for those who do not
appreciate the many years ahead of them.
Do not dive off a board without checking the waters.
or better yet,
step off and re-evaluate what it means to you.

There are words in our world which we are taught to regard as bad.
Vanity, arrogance, value, brutality, selfishness and regret;
they are not poison
they are not vile creatures that rest in our souls.
They are the toughest traits a person has
and sometimes it is okay
to let a little resilience into our souls.

—  who made them sins? Krys Kazik.
A good friend will not just tell you it’s all
going to be fine. A good friend will tell you it’s
all really fucked and the next few months will
be hell but will phone in for pizza, pour her
best liquor, and say, ‘You will not face this hell
—  Beau Taplin || Friendship for dummies. 

A size comparison of the kaiju of Pacific Rim, along with some other famous beasts. Handsome art by Jaroslav Koshina. See it in higher resolution here.