Carl's Jr now has a Pop Tart ice cream sandwich. Just thought you should know


Carl’s Jr (Hardee’s in the east) is apparently trying a new ice cream sandwich thing consists of a single strawberry frosted Pop Tart, broken in half, with a scoop of ice cream in the middle. I can just taste the diabeetus already.


Day 2

I am so sore.
Like.. I can’t walk.. Or sit in the toilet..
It hurts to stretch my stomach and coughing is agonising
But at the same time I feel amazing like that last two days have really counted for something and I feel great, it’s so strange hahah,
I’m going to let my mid and lower body have a break today and focus more on my shoulders, back and arms and then do some stretching and go for a walk

I love my parents so much they have taught me so mamy wonderful things. They taught me that I’m not fucking perfect and never will be. I will make mistakes and that’s okay as long as I tryy hardess and learn from my mistakes. They never kept any of their mistakes from me. They told me that the world isn’t all fun and games. There is tough shit you have to go through and sometimes its not fair. They let me do my own thing but taught how to knoe what is right and what is wrong for me. They taught me to think for myself and not take bullshit from anyone. They walked me through the things I would have to do to live the life style I want. They taught me how to be polite and talk to people with respect even if they don’t respect you. And most of all they taught me what love is. It’s messy and hectic and crazy but we are family and we stick together because we are blood. I feel so blessed to have them in my life.