A slam-dunk for Fugazi!

Fugazi were a Washington DC hardcore unit formed in 1987. They always had a distinctly anti-music business ethic, even turning down an offer of more than $10 million and their own subsidiary label from Atlantic records.

Since 2003 Fugazi have been on an “indefinite hiatus” however their ferocious touring schedule meant they played over 1000 gigs around the world and their sound crew recorded over 800 of them.

They have been making full use of this by remastering and releasing these concerts as the Fugazi Live Series on a “pay what you want” model. At the time of writing there are around 250 concerts available.


The Machine and I couldn’t save the world. We had to settle for protecting the seven people who might be able to take it back. So we gave Samaritan a blind spot: seven key servers that hardcodes it to ignore seven, carefully crafted new identities. When the whole world is watched, filed, indexed, numbered, the only way to disappear is to appear, hiding our true identities inside a seemingly ordinary life. You’re not a free man anymore, Harold. You’re just a number. We have to become these people now, and if we don’t, they’ll find us, and they’ll kill us. I’m sorry, Harold. I know it’s not enough. A lot of people are going to die. People who might have been able to help. Everything is changing. I don’t know if it will ever get better, but it’s going to get worse. But the Machine asked me to tell you something before we part. You once told John, the whole point of Pandora’s Box is that once you’ve opened it, you can’t close it again. She wanted me to remind you how the story ends. When everything is over and the worst has happened, there’s still one thing left in Pandora’s Box: hope.

I heard someone say that humanity wouldn't last another hundred years


"You have to remember that it wasn’t uncommon for them to predict the end of their species, every few decades or so. Stuff ended all the time, even their lives! Can you imagine that? Dying? Things were different back then, more fragile, even their birth process teetered on fortune. They also had to worry about things like energy and food! They fought against the elements and each other just like their ancestors did eons before."

"Our ancestors, you mean?"

"Ancestors, creators, whatever you want to call it. The point is that they made it. Their soft animal bodies, laced with instinct, had survival hardcoded into their DNA. Their capacity for wild imagination and quiet strength, even backed against the walls of extinction, pulled them through.

Or at least that’s how the story goes.”

"And now we’re here?"

"And now we’re here."


Ray-Triangle intersection to get offsets so the slopes can be navigated.

If this proved unfeasible we’d have to set specific inclines/slopes and hardcode the transforms based on them, more tile data.

Less data is good, this even in the worst case scenarios can be mitigated with a collision shell polygon for the whole scene instead of the actual art polygon.

I suspect this will prove unnecessary, we dont have NPCs racing across the entire map.