I don’t usually comment on posts that I see on my dash but I’ve seen posts that literally made me so disgusted to even be associated with this fandom at all. People have the nerve to say evil things to an innocent person and I know this isn’t the first time. You know who that person is? ZAYN FUCKING MALIK. I’ve sat here and held my tongue but I’m done. 

Parts of this fandom are so damn immature and need to be taught the right way to deal with hard situations instead of being a little brat about it. Last week I saw people crying, trending positive messages for Zayn, and sending him love and not even a week later those same people are wishing hell on earth on him. The blatant double standards in this fandom are becoming more and more obvious with each passing day. 

Why do people feel the need to literally think that it’s a good idea to start sending him death threats, telling him he’s nothing, putting him down and calling him every name they can think off? How in the hell can someone sit behind a computer screen and type out ‘I wish you were dead’? HOW? How can you go to sleep at night not knowing how that person took what was said? How can you live with yourself knowing that you’re causing someone else pain because you’re too damn immature to realize people grow up and change and want different things. 

I’m ignoring the fact that this is a stunt because this is basic human decency that i’m talking about. Some were happy last week and wanted Zayn to do whatever he wanted as long as he was happy; but now the tables have turned. I can’t believe the fact that people have wished death on him, severe sickness, and other things that I refuse to even type out. All I have to say is that all negative actions have consequences and the ones being evil to him will give in account for it sooner rather than later. Karma is cold hearted bitch and everyone that is sitting behind their computer screens sending death threats to not only Zayn but to people that are actively supporting him are just showing how classless they really are. 

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The other day I asked a guy what I thought was like just past a "where are you from?" type question and he started telling me about his parents divorce and stuff. I don't really mind talking about things that are considered personal, but when it comes out of nowhere and I don't know the person well I have no idea what to say. Anyway yeah it happens to me and I'm an INTP.

Oh man, that’s a hard situation. Do any with developed Fe know what to say by any chance?

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Hi there. Your blog is very inspirational and uplifting, thank you for running it. I was wondering whether you accept prayer requests... I just found out that my mom has some health problems, and it could be serious (her father died at young age because of it) and I really need God's grace and your prayers to get through this. She's a good woman and I hope she will receive Lord's blessing. Wish you all the best and thank you in advance, may God bless you as well!

I am praying for your mother beloved! Trust in God’s plans! No matter how hard the situation seems praise Him still. Give Him thanks! For faith precedes victory and faith can move mountains. Let us fervently pray for the good health of your mother! Let God’s will be done and let us not cease to pray. There’s power in prayers! We never know what our faith can do. God bless you and stay strong beloved! I am praying for you and your mum.

Please pray for them, prayer warriors. God bless your soul! ❤❤

au where arthur is a wizard that leaves magic society to teach english literature 


Dinah recording Camila dancing

i feel you!

Did you think I was lying? I said I’m evil, without even trying.

Korean ARMY’s are the best.

Seriously, can we give a round of applause to the Korean ARMY’s who live tweeted and live streamed audio from the BTS BEGINS concert for the past 2 days. 

I am so happy to be apart of this fandom I didn’t even fully realize this until now. International Fans and Korean ARMY’s have such an amazing relationship and BTS’s two recent concerts is proof of that. When I looked at the #BTSBEGINS on twitter I didn’t really know what I was going to find, maybe just a video here and there. Instead I found Korean ARMY’s live tweeting during the concert for all us international fans. I personally was not able to listen to the audio but by the looks of it they let tons and tons of people be able to listen to something they would never have been able to listen to. I think that’s amazing. This even includes the fact that no pictures or videos allowed! They risked being kicked out of the concert and some were ultimitaley kicked out for the second concert. They took their time to tell those who couldn’t go to experience the concert as much as possible. They took the time that they could have been watching and listening to our boys dancing, singing and talking, even if it was just to say what song they were singing or what they were talking about. I really feel thankful to be apart of this fandom because they do shit like this and in the end we are all there for each other and go through the same things. So THANK YOU Korean ARMY’s for everything you have done. Thank you for sharing all of this with us and letting us be apart of your experience and sharing fancams, pictures, audio, EVERYTHING!