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PROMPT: Daryl has an asthma attack in Alexandria (Maybe after he beats down this guy) and Rick sends a member of the group to get some medication while he stays with him. (He's kinda used to it cause he's had them before) and Daryl pushes Rick away but he stays anyway.

"GO GET IT NOW!" Rick yelled at Glenn, he would apologize later for being unkind, but they were out of medicine to help Daryl, and he was having one of his attacks. He needed help, and thankfully, many more of them went off with Glenn to find what Daryl needed.

Rick walked back over to Daryl and sat him on the couch, going behind him so he could give him as much air as possible. “See what the fuck happens when you lose your shit?” Rick snapped, rubbing his hands over Daryl’s shoulders.

Daryl, who was busy trying to regain his breath shoved Rick off from him, panic rising and sweat running down his forehead. 

"Don’t try and push me away." Rick scolded him. "I’m not leaving you." he grabbed both of Daryl’s hands and held them tightly in his. "I’m here." he whispered, putting his chin on Daryl’s shoulder. 

Daryl nodded and leaned back, forming himself to Rick, allowing himself to be vulnerable. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back so it could relax on  Rick’s shoulder. 

"I-I’m sor-ry." he whispered, his breath catching.

"Shut up."  Rick kissed his shoulder. "Focus on breathing." he was doing his very best not to panic, his hands gripping Daryl’s only tighter. "You’re going to be okay."

Daryl nodded. “I-I know…” he chuckled. “I h-have you.”

Rick kissed him again. “Always and forever.” he looked up in relief when Glenn and Maggie came through the door, their arms full of medication. This was something they would just have to live with, but it was always fixable. As long as Daryl stayed alive, Rick could handle everything else. 

They gave Daryl the medication and though it took him a while, eventually he regained himself. Rick stayed next to him the whole time, holding his hand and making sure, that the love of his life remained safe.

While you shouldn’t need a university degree just to participate in critical discussions about culture, race, gender, etc, you also shouldn’t assume that because you read one post on Tumblr about a particular issue, you’re completely in the right every time you use the terms you picked up. Critical analysis is hard because people and situations are messy, and all the earnest good intentions in the world won’t change that.

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it's my birthday and I just found out that my ldr boyfriend didn't send me anything, not even a letter /: I thought he may have done something because he went to the mall a couple times this past week. but he stayed home from school today to catch up on sleep and he said that was my present, and I feel ungrateful for being so upset about this :( he just used to always look for stuff for me while shopping even when it wasn't an occasion. and he doesn't at all anymore and I feel ungrateful but idk

I’m so sorry. I’d be upset to have that happen too.. Its a hard situation though because bringing it up could be pretty touchy. I really wish I knew what to say but I don’t :(

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Vita please

  • What I like about them: She badass, funny and loyal 
  • What I dislike about them: She can be pretty harsh sometimes 
  • Favourite moment: Not a ‘moment,’ but just her devotion to Hayate in general.  
  • Least favourite moment: When she takes Nanoha’s linker core. It’s necessary for the plot, but still hard to watch. 
  • A situation with this character that I want to see explored more: I’d like to see more of the time in-between A’s and Strikers when she worked with Nanoha. 
  • An interesting AU for this character: I don’t have one. 
  • A crossover: Avatar: The Last Airbender. Vita and Toph would be BFF’s! 
  • OTP (or OT3+ etc…. just… favourite ship): Her and Hayate
  • Other ships? No
  • BROTP: Her and Signum. I love their snarky, sibling relationship 
  • NOTP: I couldn’t imagine with anyone other than Hayate.  
  • An assortment of headcanons! She loves being a big sister to Reinforce Zwei and sometimes dotes on her when no one is watching. 

Bilbo trying to cope with Fili’s death

au where arthur is a wizard that leaves magic society to teach english literature 


Dinah recording Camila dancing

i feel you!