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Have you considered that you may be a Bisexual Aromantic?

im definitely bisexual but im not aromantic; I got out of a really shitty emotionally abusive relationship and I just need time to myself for a while like I’m not aromantic just because I don’t want to be with someone in a romantic capacity right now or because I haven’t had feelings for someone in over a year. there just hasnt been anyone worthwhile in that time. 

I’m also generally the kind of person who needs long periods of being single in-between my serious relationships because I enjoy my own company and have a million other fulfilling things to do other than be with someone. 

Remember when all those people were like ‘Why isn’t Josh on set? Does he not care?’ when they first started filming Mockingjay? Like this was such an angering point for people and so many took it out on Josh…

When this guy wanted to rent a fucking apartment nearby and BE THERE even when he wasn’t needed. They had to remind him he wasn’t needed for months. And then he showed up several times ANYWAYS.

So yeah. Don’t all you haters look foolish now.

"You know, honestly there are moments I don’t understand a thing Glad is saying to me… Like, you know how they use funny words sometimes? Or they use certain words in places we just wouldn’t usually use them?"

"Yeah, sometimes when he really goes off about something, especially his science crap… He just loses me, and its all gibberish, and I’m just nodding and wondering if he’s even speaking english anymore."

trans women are obviously oppressed and treated terribly by society but making a post about trans boys (who are also oppressed and treated terrible by society) isn’t “erasing” trans girls. it’s just someone making a post aimed at a different oppressed group. there are posts for trans women. there are post for trans men. the existence of these posts don’t erase the existence of the other group.


This is Yamamori Mika, in response to a tweet from a displeased reader of HnR regarding the ending. I hope the tweet is self-explanatory and that people will stop throwing the rumour around the Yamamori was forced to or changed the ending because of the fans. She clearly states that she can’t see how it could end differently so please, for the love of god, stop tweeting her that you hated the ending and for her to “change” it somehow. God it’s been almost 4 months and people can’t move on.