Duff McKagan looks back on GNR - By John Benson
  • Question - What’s interesting is as a 20-year-old you came from Seattle’s early ’80s punk scene and joined a decidedly Sunset Boulevard rock act during the spandex and hairspray heyday. How did you make the jump without feeling like you sold out?
  • Duff Mckagan - I think for me, when hardcore turned into suburban, jock things, punk rock was dead. If you were 20 years old, whatever the next thing was going to be, it was going to be you. It was on your shoulders, and when I met Slash through an ad, it was culture shock to me to see his long hair, but he was a cool guy. And when he started playing his guitar — that’s the universal thing, the equalizer — it was like, “Oh, he’s not some long-haired metal guy, he’s like an old blues guy.” And Izzy was like Johnny Thunders living across the street from me. Just cool as [expletive]. So our thing was like our own thing and Axl is punk rock without that true hardcore guy. He was just born that way.
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