Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

I sat on a bench in the inner harbour for lunch. It was a quieter day in the city, a few mothers walking by with their babies; the occasional couple walking their dog. The flowers that remain are the last remnant of summer. Autumn is here, bringing with it cooler air and shorter days. In a few days I leave for India and I couldn’t help but think while I was sitting here, how different my next few weeks are going to be compared to this. Different in every way imaginable. It is going to be a new kind of adventure, but I am ready for it.

There is nothing quite like seeing photographs as they were intended to be seen. In the physical form of print. It is impossible to ignore the march of social media, but my work is very much a physical one. The more I pursue photography, the more I intend that it becomes my life.

I adore photography for the simple fact that it is the realisation of my mind and its thoughts, presented to others in one fleeting moment over and over again. 

Freddie Ardley Photography

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