Before it comes up, because I’m sure someone will bring it up, I just had a bit of a drama-fest over on my monster character’s IC blog.

What happened was, I reblogged some guy’s animation of a monster-ish character, and they contacted me telling me to delete the reblog - because the blog I posted it to, I also happen to reblog a lot of NSFW stuff. I refused, because I didn’t say anything creepy/nasty about it, and was honestly? Kind of rude about it, because I was mad. I felt like the guy was being stuck-up, asking me to remove a REBLOG (not a repost) simply because I happened to reblog it to a blog with NSFW stuff on it.

Here’s all the posts, in order, from what I reblogged to all the drama that ensued:

I still stand by what I said - If someone reblogs something from you and doesn’t say anything creepy or rude about it, then you really have NO right to tell them to delete the reblog.

But I will still own up to the fact that I lost my temper a bit - something I haven’t done in a long time.

But, the guy started name-calling, telling my how I’m not worth shit, and now he’s talking shit about me on his blog:

So honestly? Aside from feeling bad that I lost my temper, I don’t regret standing by refusing to take it down.

- Mod Mod


Watch: Feminists fight back by reading the real, nasty tweets they’ve received (Mic Exclusive)

Ever wonder what it’s really like to be a feminist? We’re here to help. 

Modeled after Jimmy Kimmel’s celebrities read angry tweets, this short video shows how women who challenge the status quo are treated online on a daily basis. If you’re not sure whether to laugh or cry, join the club. 

While many have tried to describe what it’s like to be the target of constant, horrible abuse online, sometimes it’s easier to just show, not tell.

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"Cat Call" by Ursa Eyer (Source)

"Here’s a short comic about my personal experiences with Cat Calling. Keep in mind, this is a very VERY vanilla version. I kept out all the super horrible and gross stuff because, I’m hoping this gets my point across. This comic is only meant to illustrate my history with this upsetting part of our culture."

Huge difference in Male and Female perception. If women fawned and flirted and were sexy-rowdy with men every day, all day, men would not call it harassment they would call it Heaven.

Manslation: Huge difference in my perception vs. reality. If men had any idea what it felt like to maintain constant vigilance of one’s surroundings, to be relentlessly pursued by someone you’ve turned down, and to get called a bitch for having the audacity to exist without catering to fragile male egos, maybe they’d fucking stop harassing people already. Women should think it “heavenly” when I force my desires/preferences onto them.

Men, I am tired of you telling me to smile, as if my face exists for your pleasure. I am tired of you telling me I have pretty eyes — please don’t come so close that you can see the color of my eyes. I am tired of of you stopping me on the sidewalk under the guise of needing directions, only to then explain in great detail what you think of my face, my body, my clothes — as if my time belongs to you, as if I stepped out my front door this morning hoping to please you.

And to every man who has ever argued that these are just compliments, that you are just trying to be nice: please know that every time you approach me in these ways, and every time you whisper at me as I pass, I am reminded that you regard me as prey. I am reminded that you have a desire to consume me, and that you believe it is your right to do so. I am reminded that I am vulnerable to predators hiding in broad daylight. Men in suits. Men in jeans. Men in sweatshirts. Men in FedEx uniforms. Men in all manner of uniforms. Men who do not care that their name and company are listed on their uniforms.

I’m glad she’s done an in depth look at the catcalling video. She points out a lot of stuff which I, and many others have already considered.

  • That the video was produced by an ad company that deal with making viral videos.
  • That the video only shows two minutes of highlights, not the other 9 hours and 58 minutes.
  • That the video targets black and latino men, and she explains why and how.
  • That the street is a free public space where anyone should be allowed to speak.
  • That “hi” and “have a nice day” are not harassment.
  • That social interactions are complicated, and cannot be summed up with one two minute video.
  • That the video only shows one type of harassment, men talking to women.
  • And what kind of laws would be put in place to stop this anyway?
  • That the men doing the catcalling are rarely from good backgrounds and privileged.

Really worth a watch, it’s only five minutes long.

I don’t know why men act as though their desire to interact with women is more important than a woman’s need to run errands without having to entertain the whims of strange men. There is no ‘better time’. I don’t want to talk to you and you’re not entitled to my attention. No you can’t make an appointment. I am not running a public service. I’m not here to meet men. I’m here to get my errands done and get out.
No one is saying it’s ‘socially unacceptable’ to attempt conversation with a stranger if you both happen to be waiting somewhere. But if that person does not wish to converse with you, it is their right to refuse. 

The Routine Harassment of Women in Male Dominated Spaces

What this whole “#gamergate” thing is really about depends a lot on who you’re asking. If you ask someone who writes about games for a living, or someone who keeps in touch with what’s happening with indie game devs (lots of other indie game devs, for instance), they’ll all give you the same answer. It’s a massive, loosely organized campaign, spurred on by a pack of angry angry kids formerly from 4chan, now from 8chan, bent on utterly destroying the lives of an ever-growing list of women, starting with Zoë Quinn, and added to any time a woman publicly calls them out for it.

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