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My respect for @McGsWonderland has gone up another notch thanks to the above tweets. The fact that he publicly acknowledges and thanks the original movie cast of City of Bones (I would have included @JHarris_UK who did a fab job portraying Hodge) cements my perception that he isn’t one of those exec producers that sits in their ivory tower with their ears covered and eyes shut. He doesn’t seem ignorant of the ample/quality material available to him about the TMI story (i.e. the books and picking Cassandra Clare’s brain) and constantly reassures the fans that our favourite story (one the fandom will also fight tooth and nail to defend) is in good ‘caring’ hands. I can breathe a lot easier now…

Thanks McG - Now it’s onwards and upwards for the TV show…

If I think this as their characters, i get feels-overload
Magnus’s awsome smile
How Alec looks instantly to Magnus
Well Clary 
Simons “Hell yeah, done that”-face
And then there is Jace, whos like “noup”


okay so, i’m going to the LA Mall Tour Stop and I promise to write every single url  that reblogs this and give it to The Mortal Instruments cast, to show them how much we care. I will also take pictures of your url in the book (if you ask)


so as you may know, the mall tour is tomorrow so the deadline for reblogging this is tonight Monday August 12 at 8 PM Pacific time


“I think everything happens for a reason because the team we got together for this is so amazing. Everyone has brought something new to the table. Harald is the ultimate director for this project because it’s not really his genre, but he’s all about character and emotion. And it’s taking the project that could have been so CGI-based, and he’s made it a story about real people in this fantasy world.”


“We were doing a lot of stunt stuff, and Harald was like, I don’t want any wires. I don’t want any wire work, I don’t want that, I want it to be very much, if you’re going to do something, if you’re going to do a flip, you need to be able to do a flip. If you’re going to do a jump, you need to be able to do a jump… so, for me, learning how to do flips onto tables off a mini tramp, was really exciting because, that’s me doing that in the movie, and that’s nobody else. That’s not a face replacement, there’s no wires there, that’s me, jumping from the floor onto a table doing a flip in mid air. Which I know sounds really stupid, but like, the fourteen year old boy inside me goes ‘That’s fucking awesome. That’s so cool!’