my parents decided to watch a movie for the first time in years and they watched the secret life of walter mitty

my dad just messaged everyone “the movie was weird, we couldn’t understand it but we had a good time. what’s the story about”

they are adorable

thezolblade replied to your post:Just seen your CH posts - sorry so many people are…

hey the trolls are trash but reading your posts was probably the most worthwhile thing i did this evening, i don’t follow much news outside of tumblr

I basically just use BBC’s mobile app and check that regularly throughout the day, which is why I’m confused by the “NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT BOKO HARAAAAM” thing because BBC’s had constant coverage of that since #BringBackOurGirls launched? It’s been quiet on Isis and Syria since October though so I’m suspicious.

Tumblr gives me American news.

Al Jazeera is where I go for extra news on something

a google search usually verifies headlines.


I fought trolls from 1am to 6am I’m beat