2013-11-27 #ChanyeolVirusDay - Thank you for bringing your talent (rapping, singing, variety, mc, dancing, instrumental skills etc) to this world. For someone who works in an industry filled with stress and judgements, you smile so whole-heartedly it worries a little. To the person whose talents, charms and perseverance I respect and admire. To the person who filled 1+ years of my life with smiles, laughs, endless talents and derps. Thank you for everything that you are, Park Chanyeol. Happy 22nd (21st) birthday, my bias! 찬열아 생일축하해요! 많이 많이 사랑해용~ ♥


Happy birthday Park Chanyeol!

First of all, let me apologise! I know I’m not good at editing and I don’t have the same way with words others do but this was important to me. To wish my ultimate bias, who brings me sunshine on even the cloudiest of days, a happy birthday.

Happy birthday to EXO’s happy virus, my sunshine, Park Chanyeol! You’ve had such a fantastic year and I’m so proud of you. Don’t get me wrong - you’ve always been so fantastically talented and passionate about your music, but this year you’ve blossomed and come into your own. It’s been a pleasure to watch you, to stan you everyday, through every achievement. Congratulations.

You’re more to the world than your talents though, and I hope you know that. Your smile brightens up every room you walk into. Heck, if you asked me it lights up the entire world. Through thick and thin you’ve always maintained your infectious cheer and optimism. Even when things are hard and you’re in pain - you smile for other peoples sake. You should know how powerful that smile of yours is and your dumb jokes! If you’re ever struggling to find a reason to smile, remember how often you’re people’s reason to smile. Mister Happy Virus, don’t you know how brightly you shine?

I think that would help you actually, seeing how warm and considerate you are to others - be they your fans, the members or even animals. It’s adorable really, how your heart is even bigger than your giant self. Never once have you ever been less than humbled and grateful for your fans but just know, we’re equally thankful to support you, to love you and to watch you grow. It really is an honour.

Please never, ever stop being your vibrant, cheerful, totally bizarre, endlessly kind, adorable, passionate, talented and completely ridiculous self. Never stop lighting the world up in that way only you can! You bring so much joy, even in places where there was none at all. I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and efforts. In working to achieve your dream you’ve made the world a happier place too.

You know what? I bet next year will be even better for you as well! You’ll continue to develop your skills, to charm fans all over the world, to lift the spirits of anyone who even sees your beautiful face. Guess what else? I’ll still be here, cheering you on, that talented boy who brought my smile back. I believe in you, my vitamin C who shines brighter than any star. You can do anything you put your mind to and I promise to cheer you on the whole way, even if it takes you up to the sky to conquer space!

Happy birthday, I wish you all the best and now and each and every day to come. Thank you, for being you. Thank you for everything. Every moment on stage, every quirk of your lips, every boisterous laugh, every twinkle of your beautiful eyes - everything.

I love you, unconditionally.

P.S. I hope Dara notices you soon. 


to inspirits’ dearest choding,

wow, has a year passed by already? it seems like just yesterday that I was wishing you a happy birthday for the year 2011. now, it is the 27th of august once again. time sure flies. so much has happened within the past year; you should really be proud of yourself and all that you - and the rest of the boys - have accomplished.

speaking of being proud, I hope you gain a little more self-confidence.  you’re more than just the legs of infinite; you’re more than just the knowledge king of infinite; you’re freakin’ lee sungyeol. inspirits all over the world love you and your everything. yes, your everything. your perfection, your imperfections. your acting, your silly facial expressions, your singing, your fantastic skills when it comes to variety shows… every little thing has allowed you to creep into our hearts and make them swell with positive emotions.

anyway, happy 21st/22nd birthday. eloquence is not a strong point of mine, and words aren’t really enough to depict how much I love you anyway. I hope you take care of yourself. stay healthy, happy, wonderful, lovable, etc and so forth. :) 

생일 축하합니다 성열 ♥


Happy birthday Park Chanyeol. “Happiness Delight”- never stop smiling, and being yourself. Never give up as you’ve got all your lovely EXO-Ls supporting you and EXO.

OT12, OT11, OT10, fighting!!!!

Happy birthday to the member of beagle line, our happy virus, the lovely Park Chanyeol.

Saranghaeyo 💖🎉🎈✨🙆

My edit; pics credits to their respective owners.

생일축하요 찬열이♡🎂 Happy Birthday our precious one Happy Virus Chanyeol ♡ oh I miss u so much baby~😭
Really, i have no words anything~
Just hope ur always smile and healty~ i cant imagine if something happened to you.
Yeol thanks for all ur already present in my life ~ without u maybe I cant get here. Thanks for making me feels happy. and always makes me laugh~
Anything, everything pls always be happiness and Keep ur health and other exo member too…
Thanks for everything in each year. Hope tomorrow and in the future you will be better than this~ Dont get too tired. cz we always love u 😘♥
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축하해 내 사랑 23번째 생일. 항상 조심하세요!! 나 사랑하지? ㅋㅋㅋ~ 물론이야.

I can’t think of words right now. I just want to greet you and thank you for inspiring me. Sorry for being an inactive fan of yours~ but I assure you that you’re always in my mind– and you never run out of space in my heart. Lol~

Take care always, 자기!! Also, enjoy and spend your day nice and well with your family, with your members or with your loved ones/friends. You’ll always be my first and my last. 사랑해 오빠 열 😘💕 #HappyVirusDay #HappyChanyeolDay #HappyYeolDay #Happy23rdBirthday #생일축하해열 (at Park Chanyeol 💕)