happiest 23rd anniversary to my mommy and papa!! :D

our relationship with each other may not be that perfect, but i do love them with all my heart and i’m still so greatful to have them as my parents and thankful to have been brought to this world as i am!

i love you mama! i love you papa!! more years to come for both of you!!!

Happy tongue out Tuesday! Well my tongue isn't really out.. But you can see it? 🐢 I won't be posting as many photos now, maybe one or 2 a day probably. This is my 99th post! πŸΆπŸ’•

photo courtesy of my dearest friend deΓ±a.

im kinda proud to say that the top im wearing is a skirt turned into a simple sleeveless top. :D last two days, i went over my closet, fixed my clothes, and checked on other clothes that needed repairing or alterations. so i just made this one out coz i wasnt really wearing it much when it was yet a skirt, its waist is 27-ish and i’m a 24. so no can do! hihi! so voila! this is just the first, will still be making more since i have SUE aredi.. :)

my sisters loved it coz im skinny, but im still on a mission to gain weight! :D he’s helping me too.. DeΓ±a too will be joining me. <3 all the love in the world. *sigh* :)

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meet my twin chelot… (i gave her a pet name)

and they say that having a twin is more than just having a close sibling. she is older than i am by minutes, yet she seemed to be someone my life is absolutely attached to, that is more like a part of me.

she is my bestfriend, my mother, my brother, my personal enemy, my doctor or nurse, my number one fan, my sole supporter, my conscience, my inspiration… and more than that, she is my dearest twin sister.

i love her and i miss her so much ‘coz we’re miles apart.

but i want to spread the joy of having a twin! :D

"LIFE sucks. But LIVING is beautiful."

i woke up remembering in my dream that i kept saying these words… i dont really know what my subconsciousness is trying to say.. but it totally makes sense. i mean, life can be harsh and cruel, sometimes unfair and unjust, and a lot of people hated life for all the pain and sufferings they experience. but you know, they are fortunate enough to be alive. being able to breath and to appreciate all there is in life, and all that it can offer. its PRICELESS. thats why living is simply wonderful. and no man can ever get the real feeling unless they have valued it and live with all the goodness it can give.

blaaah! another stress break… hmm! just thought of doing this since for the past 6 years i’ve been experimenting a lot on my hair. there are more OF these “experimental hair-do’s” but i just chose a few. :) haha! makes me laugh.. im growing my hair now though… AND BACK TO SUPER BLACK… (lemme make it shinee!)

ahhh stress.. better get back to my plate. haha!

beyond the milky way...

i’ve read a book regarding the things we needed to take a look everyday in our daily lives, where it said, when things get topsy-turvy or out plan, LIST AT LEAST 3 GOOD THINGS ABOUT THAT DAY so there will be 3 reasons to turn things around.

my day wasn’t really that good, but lemme share a few good things about FEBRUARY 18, 2012.

1. its my parents’ 23rd anniversary. when i was young, they used to fight a lot. even threatening each other for legal separation. but then years passed by, they managed to stay together, and the most wonderful part is, they need not to separate anymore. though there are a lot of times my mom would open up to me about how my dad never cared, i can still see that they’re getting stronger each year and that lessens the idea of being separated. (thanks to God too, he made that possible.)

2. i bought my 3rd eyeglass. i got this recurring headaches for months already, i lost my 2 other eyeglasses (ok, clumsy me…) so now i’m wearing it. and its a good thing because at least no more over sleeping and less headaches for me. :) after that, i went to my bestfriend’s house and shared a lot of things with her. :)

3. loved by a beloved. aaah. its one thing i am so excited about this day. ill spare the details though, but one thing’s for sure, i know i am loved and will always be.

there’s more actually.. but i’ll just share 3, all the reasons to be happy-yey. :)

let the gypsies dance, and the monks grizzle..

im feeling extra elated today for various reasons… :)

your true friends comes out when troubles start… its always true that they wont let you do stupid things alone. ahhaha! and im just so happy those who believed in me for who and what i am are just here beside me or behind me to back me up in times when things get a little fuzzy. and i just realized it today. im just so happy to have them (they know who they are) ;)

architecture is β™₯… the moment i chose this course, there were FIREWORKS! its the only LOVE that i cant leave, or have any problems with. and im constantly, consistently loving it even more. β™₯β™₯β™₯

ODP… the second man i love next to my father. the song “Pusong Ligaw” just keeps playing in my mind again and again and again and again ever since i’ve heard it 2 years ago. and its still the song played everywhere that makes me come back HOME. he’s my home. though i dont want to ruin any other relationships, ill be silently waiting… if he comes back, i’d be the happiest girl alive, if not, Life goes on… but he will still, and will only be the only ONE i will love… till the day i die. he knows that. meanwhile, single life isn’t so bad.. :D and im happy about it too now that ive cleared it all out with him. (nothing to worry)

le me headache vill soon vi gon… yea! haha! i just had my 3rd eyeglass done. no more headaches fer me! hiyey! :) i wonder for how long will i be wearing it.

so… le me gona doo me plate… excited for tomorrow though!……

its a secret. :)

multiply! my lifesaver! ♥

im so happy to see all my photos in multiply! i thought i lost it! yey!

though the pictures are not in high qual its fine at least i had all the best photos saved. em sow hepi!


she’s my little angel (well not really mine..) she’s my first niece though, i love her because she keeps the family bonds alive. she brings out the best in each of us and keeps us together, like an angel.

i miss her laughs which are like the chimes in heaven…

her chubbiness and uber cuteness that reverberates her beautiful innocence as a child.

i miss her warm hugs and kisses and her super cute i love you’s and i miss you tita’s.

i wish i can be with her again.