Hiii babes, welcome to my first ever tumblr awards! ♥

The amazing graphic was made by my lil shit my lil angel aka Daria *~♥~♥~*

▶ must be following this underwater unicorn
reblog this post to enter, likes don’t count
▶ must reach at least 30 notes
▶ 1 winner + 1-3 runner-ups
▶ reblog until July 15th

the kevin tran award: best theme
the castiel award: best url
the gadreel award: best icon
the jo harvelle award: best updates tab
the bobby singer award: best sidebar
the bunker award: best posts
the impala award: best supernatural
the charlie bradbury award: best multifandom
the magical creature award: best [any other fandom]
the chuck shurley award: best creations (writing, drawing, editing)
the garth fitzgerald iv award: nicest blogger
the meg masters award: best up-coming blogger*
the dean winchester award: best overall
the sam winchester award: my personal favourite

*to be considered for this category, message me your follower count if you have less than 700 followers :)

▶ spot on my updates tab until my next tumblr awards
▶ my friendship sorry but ily all ok ♥
▶ promos whenever you ask (i’ll do them even if you don’t ask too)
▶ help with blogrates, polls, etc.
▶ advantage to getting in if you enter my networks

▶ spot on my updates tab until my next tumblr awards
▶ promos, my help, etc. :)
▶ mY LOVE again, sorry ♥

Reblog away my cuties! ~✿~

it’s that time again!! since my last botm went so well, i’m super excited for this one!

  • must be following me
  • check out mystellar june botm
  • reblog this post to enter
  • liking to bookmark is fine, but it won’t count sorry
  • this post must reach 40 notes or i’ll cry quite a bit
  • 1 winner, 4 runners up
What I'm looking for:
  • a lovely blog (fab url, clean and pretty theme, awesome posts)
  • if you make stuff, that’s awesome (not required though)
  • kind, friendly, active bloggers
Winner will receive:
  • a follow back from me if not already
  • a spot in my updates tab for all of July
  • a promo when announced, as well as promos whenever you want
  • most likely very bad poem/ficlet at your request
  • pretty much anything you want like my soul or first born child
Runners up will receive:
  • a follow back from me if not already
  • a spot in my updates tab for all of July
  • a promo when announced, as well as several random promos throughout the month
  • my friendship, love, and gratitude forever
Important info:
  • ends June 30th
  • winner and runners up announced around July 2nd
blog rates because do we really need a reason?

mbf Delaney and Maggie
reblog this post 
send both of us an ask telling us your favorite demon

rates will look like this: 

weapon (URL): | shotgun | knife | ruby’s knife | impala arsenal | angel blade

ride (icon): | foot | motorcycle | demon teleportation | angel wings |impala

species (theme): | wendigo | vamp | demon | human | angel

location (posts): | hell | in the woods | bobbys place | heaven | the bunker

rank (overall): | bad hunter | decent hunter | good hunter | wow amazing hunter | you’re the hunter on the demon bathroom walls |

can you be trusted? (am i following you?): no(t yet) but ily! |  now I am! |  yes  |  I would follow you into the depths of hell


blacklist blog rates for ts if you don’t want to see these

After some tough choices, considering how many great blogs applied, we have come to a decision on the first ten members of the Happy!Sam Network.

Introducing the Members











Congratulations to you all!! You’ll receive a message from Delaney shortly, asking for your information. In the meantime, please follow your fellow members and track the tag “happysamnetwork”.

If you didn’t get in, don’t worry! We will choose the next few members in a week or so. If you haven’t yet applied, the post is here.