From the archives:

Some award-winning covers, and some silly - in such a wonderful way when I was primarily an editorial lifestyle photographer for MKE of The Journal Sentinel.  Fun years!  So creative!  At times I really miss them!  6 shoots a day at times, studio, location, so much, prolific for sure!  Photography by Christine Taylor.  Copyrights The Journal Sentinel.

Many, many thanks to the crew on ALL of these.  Really fun times guys!

Sea Flow at Magic Hour

The sea awoke at midnight from its sleep

Rush onward with uninterrupted sweep

Or roar of winds upon a wooded steep

Of things beyond our reason and control.

-  On location at The Painted Hills; tonight.  The ash deposits you are seeing in this photograph are about 39 million years old.  Its like Mars, and its quiet, and rich, and humbling and it means something without meaning to.  Best of all… no one is near.  Solitude.


These are some outtakes from the campaign I photographed for The Museum of Contemporary Craft’s exhibition, “Fashioning Cascadia”.  They loved them so much they also made the cut for their promoting their membership season.

Creative Direction: MOCC
Photography: Christine Taylor
Model: Sarah Schroeder
Hair & Makeup: Abibat Durosimi
Styling: Samantha Lemieux
Assistants: MOCC

Designers (top to bottom):
1. Liza Rietz, Crescent Dress
2. Anna Telcs, Singed Silk Dress from The Dowsing
3. Michael Cepress, Prism Halter and Laurel Canyon Wrap Skirt, from the American Dreaming Collection
4. Adam Arnold dress