(130209) Han Geng Weibo Update
Rough Translation:

Ni hao, 29 years old! Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes! Today is New Year’s Eve, it is a big day for our Chinese people, wishing everyone a happy new year! May all your wishes come true! Friends in Thailand are far too kind, thank you! Even I still don’t have the Thai version of “Hope in the Darkness”~!

To: The princess & dancing king of China, the owner of “special” outfits, pants, hats, accessories, shoes…(etc.), the body with the flawless Geng!Butt & ridiculously long legs, the dizzy ballerina, the dork who ships himself with a Gundam, the best ‘Worldwide Act’, the singer with the voice of an angel & the man with a heart of gold - You’ve grown up to be a handsome & inspirational person, yet somehow it seems like you haven’t aged a day. 
Happy 3rd 29th Birthday, Han Geng! ♥ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)