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I think about the spider thing a lot, and now I’ve started imagining most spiders as ladies…! The most recent femfreq. video was interesting. I’ve never done the female signifier thing, but I’ve never really realized it either. o_o

same with spiders for me, but also i noticed one day that i refer to birds of prey as female by default. i guess i would extend that to most birds without sexual dimorphism, like crows?

fun fact— in my comic Cocoon, i intentionally do not put in any signifiers to the sex/gender of the robin. i wonder what people would infer…

actually now that i think about it, i guess i didn’t put any in for the worm either. haha. but i do plan to refer to it at some point, unlike the robin.

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Woah! Beautiful! She should be friends with sunset lady

…actually…. this painting started out going to be sunset lady… but then i was too lazy to look up what she looked like so i just decided to paint someone new! haha… but they are friends!

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I had this dilemma yesterday and just figured “what the heck, all upper case!” I might try looking for a good mixed case font for comics later. I picked up some generic looking comic fonts from blambot

Ah, i went looking at dafont for free ones and the one i like best so far is ‘suplexmentary comic’ which is mixed case. i’m SUPER not in the mood to go font-hunting again right now so i hope this works out fine enough DDDD:

but i guess the question i was trying to ask is… why does all-caps tend to look/read better in comics vs. mixed case?  it’s baffled me for a while