Day Three

There was a different energy in the room this morning, everyone is getting noticeably more tired and I think we all had that mid-week slump. I think that’s why today was the best day to get out of the DCA and get some fresh air, work in a new surrounding and speak to some other people. We learnt all about Ethnology today, what is the best what to ask people questions to get the answers and insights that you need. You can manipulate a situation very easily just by changing a few words around. For example, instead of asking ‘Do you think their is too much reliance on anti-depressants by the NHS?’ you could ask 'Why do you think the NHS promote anti-depressants so much?’ Avoiding yes or no answers but not being too invasive is key. Listen, don’t talk, that kinda thing…

So at this stage we felt like it was time to delegate so we could get as much out of this morning as we could. Myself and few other girls did some more research into post-natal depression, what else is on the market and why the current treatments are failing. Megan, Abbie and Beth went to the pediatric ward at Ninewells hospital, to ask for their help. The staff were incredibly friendly and the girls were invited back tomorrow afternoon to interact with the children and ask them to draw or write down what makes them happy. I will be attending with them this time because I work with children so I feel this is where my strengths lie and I will get a lot out of it.

At the moment, our concept is, street art/wall art or an advertisement campaign, that will help mums/dads and expecting parents and remind them that they are doing such an important and incredible job at raising their children. The thought process behind this is that a child’s drawing of what makes them happy, is usually very niave and simple. It reminds us to live in the moment and not in the past or future. We also want to break down the taboo surrounding post-natal depression. A lot of women feel their is an ignorance, and assumption made that a suffer dislikes their child or can’t look after them, which has no basis or truth behind it at all. Infact, we have found through research that most women, when feeling down, are perked up when they look at their child’s face, quite the opposite of what the general public seem to assume.

I feel so overwhelmed by the support our facebook page has brought us and it’s such a huge opportunity we’ve been given to be in the children’s ward tomorrow, one which we are so grateful for. I have a feeling that tomorrow’s post is going to be a big one!

This is my little cousin Isaac, gave him one of my Rhino illustration prints and some muji pens and he made this :) so cute he signed his full name. #family #colouringin #illustration #muji #pens #rhino #africa #cousin #wildlife #fineliner #linedrawing #pendrawing #pheedesigns #nature #funtimes #happychappy #handdrawn

Well the dog lovers show was a success for My Pet Warehouse, I am on the train on the way home after work and sat somewhere random and the My Pet Warehouse showbag is across from me on a seat. The girl looks rapt with her goodies, she is going they it as I write this!!! Hehe #mypetwarehouse #thedogloversshow #happychappy #doggyshowbagheaven by luvnyc77 http://ift.tt/1GHbxq2