Part 3 of 3. :)

Eto kasi yong tula na ginawa ko para sa kanya. :) Ngayon lang ako nagkalakas ng loob para ipost at ipabasa to sa kanya at sa lahat. x”)

Joyful thoughts filled my mind
On the very first time I laid eyes on you
Hoping I’d have the chance to meet you
Next thing I knew you were someone special to me

Knowing you’re someone I can’t have
Everyday of my life I tried to hide what I feel
Vowed to hide it deep inside
If only you would know
No one has meant this much to me

Gentleness is what I see in you
One smile from you makes my day
No, this ain’t a lie
Zealous about what I feel for you
Always on the go to be there for you
Letting you feel that I’ll always be by your side
Expecting nothing in return
Sure enough not to hurt myself

Rest in my arms when you get weary
I can be strong enough to be the one you can run to
Only if you could let me be the one.


Oo na baduy na po. Sorry di ako expert eh. Tsaka ang hirap neto, buong pangalan nya eh.

Sabi ng mga barkada ko na nabasa to, daig ko pa daw ang nanliligaw. -.- wew. thoughtful ako eh baket ba? :3