Happy Birthday Taeminnie!! So I’m going to try to make this as short as possible because there are so many things I could say about you that I’d end up writing a story. My baby is growing up and it makes me so proud. Even though we’re the same age I still think of you as that cute little boy from 4 years ago and you’ll always be my adorable little innocent baby that was super shy and awkward and blinked too much. I’ve loved watching you go from that little innocent boy to a sexy and confident man who is still prettier than me. I love that you’ve still kept that adorable innocence about you though and I just love how you can be the cutest thing ever without even trying. I love seeing you smile cause it brightens my whole day. I love to watch you dance because it takes my breath away to see just how good you are and I’ll forever believe you are the best dancer there is. I love how every thing you do makes me love you even more and I don’t want that to ever change. So Taeminnie, my sweet adorable baby Happy Birthday and I Love You!

Happy 19th/20th Birthday Lee TaeMin~

12.07.18. It’s not the 18th in california yet, but I just want to put this up now since it’s your birthday in korea. \(^o^)/ You have grown up so fast Taemin! You’re getting old now ><’ Don’t turn into some perverted ahjussi okay? I will cry kekeke. I remember doing one of these last year and i ended up crying. Omg. But even if i am crying, it will be happy tears. ^^;; I am really bad at pouring out my feelings and if i do, this might be a gagillion pages long so i will try to keep it short. SHINee was my first group and they will forever be my number 1. Please take care of your health, I don’t want you to be sick. Please take good care of you hyungs too~! I love them just as much. Seeing you guys for the first time at smtown (120520) was the best thing i could ever ask for. I am surprised I didn’t cry. I can’t cry over my husband all the time now can I? hehee just kidding. But I hope you have a good birthday and hope you are doing well.

Sincerely, your sunflower~♥  
사랑해요!! 샤이니 파이팅~!!

Happy Birthday Lee TaeMin~

It’s the 18th here now so I’m putting up the second picture. Again I’m not good with pouring out my feelings, but I hope your birthday was good and I hope you got to see many friends and family that made your heart warm and fuzzy and you having that cute smile on your face. Remember to keep smiling. That’s what you always taught me.

생일 축하합니다~ ♥