People really take granted of the little things.
They nudge it off like it’s not worth thinking about.
But if you just stop and think;
Stop and think of the sunset clouds or the endless stars.
Maybe the flower you saw in the road or your favorite song that makes you want to dance like an idiot.
Even your favorite food you will like to get married with or your favorite color that you have ten things in the same color.
Stop and think about the terrible puns that are out there waiting to exist!
Then things will become worth living.
Because you’ll never see anything like this ever again.
So it’s definitely fine to cry about the clouds because they are beautiful.
Because you are worth living.

support chubby trans guys
support trans guys with wide hips
support trans guys with curvy bodies
support trans guys with big butts and thick thighs
support trans guys who are skinny
support trans guys who are straight figured
support busty trans guys and support flat chested trans guys and support every trans guy in the middle
support all trans guys 2k15

happy, positive and upbeat video game music to make your day a little better~ listen here ~

lonely rolling star- katamari damacy| trucy’s theme- ace attorney: apollo justice| rainbow falls- kirby’s epic yarn| hyrule town- legend of zelda: minish cap| bubblegum k.k- animal crossing| super mario 3d land theme & beach theme- ssb4| route two- pokemon black and white| que sera sera- katamari damacy| bicycle theme- pokemon oras| pearl fey’s theme- ace attorney: justice for all| main theme- hamtaro ham ham heartbreak| delfino plaza- super mario sunshine| green greens- kirby’s triple deluxe| zelos wilder’s theme- tales of symphonia| malo mart- legend of zelda: twilight princess 


This is a virtual hug, spread it to those who need it most!

SO. THIS HAPPENED. Wow. Things have been pretty rough for me personally recently, but as idiotic as it may sound, this cheered me up a lot <3 I just love running this blog so much, so thank you for following and kind of supporting my hobby :’) I’ll try to keep up with everything so yeah, let’s keep on enjoying the dragon age games, right?


On repeat right now.