"you’ll always be safe here."

Childhood friends!au for Flint’s superhellaawesomeBIRtHDAAYYY

Basically, in order to talk without shouting across the way to each other, Jean and Marco come up with the ol’ trusty cup and string trick. Even when they get phones in highshool, they still keep at it.

When college comes around, things change a lot. Jean’s parents are divorcing during the big winter holiday, and to let slip that he’d casually dated a few guys in his first semester doesn’t go down well. In aftermath, and the hope Marco’s back home too, he goes outside and waits.

All Marco can do is tell him to find somewhere safe, go to somebody he trusts and stay there. He constantly asks if Jean’s alright, if he’s in danger. Jean won’t say what happened, but he does listen and pack his bags.

Guess where he chooses to stay? (and finally confesses after crushing on Freckles for years goddamn Jeanbo)

"Huh… this one actually suits you, Hale"

a veryveryvery belated to the lovely talented literaryoblivion ;-;

prompt was ‘wearing suits in some kind of art thief AU where Derek is scouting out a gallery and Stiles is his rival theif’

im just imagining stiles waltzing in to every gallery derek tries to scout and giving out thoroughly unappreciated snarky comments about derek’s taste/skill/agenda etc or more like the lack of it

although i fail!arted out i absolutely loved the prompt!  im so so late but happy birthday hun, im happy you are here with us u///u <33

(painting at the back is ‘girl in the woods’ by vincent van gogh )