"Look at me, Gwisoon"  #BirthDaeWings

As guests on Idol World, BigBang particpated in a segment called “Tricky Blind Date”, where as they went on a blind date with a queenka*. One by one, the boys went up against each other to win the affection of the kingka and win the competetion. As the date continued, GDragon was eliminated from the date. His “frustrastion” though hilarious, created something of amazement. Out of the blue, the leader of the new boyband at the time, voiced that for the 4th single from the group, a song will be dedicated to Gwisoon, the “queenka” who eliminated him.

From a short song as a joke on a variety show to one of the biggest hits of 2008 for Daesung. “Look at me, Gwisoon" is a trot song that expresses the love for that special one and how singer thinks of her always. A gift from Kwon Leader, I don’t think Daesung nor GD knew how well this song would be and as VIPs, we appreciate the quickness of GD to make this song up on the spot. Trot was introduced to VIPs and our Smiling Angel became even more loved.

Happy Birthday Kang Daesung!

*queenka - heartthrob/top hottie

because i’m so sleepy already, i would express my greetings to DaeDae in advance. xD Happy Birthday Daesungie ~ , Saranghae <3

K - ang Daesung is what we call him

A - ngelic smile is a specialty for him

N - ow is his very, very special day

G - od gave life to a precious “Dae”

D - ashing as ever when he smiles

A - lways dilligent, cute and nice

E - verything about him is beautiful

S - weet, loving and always cheerful

U - nbelievable voice skills he has

N - ot to mention the way he dance

G - irls (and some boys too ^^) around the world definitely love him so much. :)


"Saengil Chukhae! :)"

♥ lhei / yehl :) / ilavicecream. Ü