I was happliy scrolling some tags, when, suddenly some posts on social justice appeared. And I finally got to understand what annoys me so much about those posts on tumblr. 

It’s their alarming level of condescending paternalism from the north-western europeans and anglo-americans and the silencing of discording voices, specially whan it is about poc claiming their own voices.

This whole racism undercoverd as kindness is kinda making me sick.

Happily ever afters

In life there are no happily ever afters, because when the princess gets married to the prince it isn’t really the end. The end is when they all die. Only then does one start a new story, not a new chapter. So in life no one has a happliy ever after, even in the fairytales.

Death is uncheatable, no one can escape their fate. To the people who declare to the world that they have cheated death. You are a lair. Because in the end you too will die. So you did not cheat death, life gave you a second chance, and so far you haven’t used it too wisley.

When ever people talk about death, they always seem to end every statement with ” I just want to leave a mark on the world” the truth is they won’t, no one will. No matter how great, they cut thier existance into the skin of history. The wound shall heal and scars will fade. Until that moment is forgotten. All heros become bedtime stories and great ideas become myths.

That is the fault in humanity. We wish not to know about the great people of the past. We want to focus our energy on the “idols” of the now. Like Kim Kardashion or Justain Bieber and leave the true heros and knights for ledgend. If you don’t believe me tell 3 facts on Lady Gaga and the 3 facts on the man who invented the stove, without using the internet. It’s hard, because we don’t know about the man who invented the stove and be honest who made a bigger effect on our lives.

So when we die, and we will. All the dents you have pounded into the pages of the past, will not matter. Because when your dead you won’t care about who remembers you, but what you remember. It’s not going to matter about who you were and what you did. So make it matter about who you are and what your doing.

( Hey guys i really worked hard on this, so please don’t take credit and please follow and excuse the spelling mistakes) hope you felt different after reading this, remember you not suppose to like this, coz it’s reality and lets be honest who likes reality. You just gotta accept it.