You were the one who never said ill be there for you and yet you were always there . You were the one who i could turn to . Always. You were the one who I would do anything or everything for . You were the one that I could get into huge fights with but always make up. You were the one who I would truly love as my friend and even though you were an *** sometimes that wasnt ever gonna change.You were there when I had no one.I was there when you had no one.I stood up for you . I lost for you .and I still think all of that was worth it . I just want my bestfriend back.
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😂😂😂😂 lol don’t stress yourself out over a “diet”. I don’t know many things worse than being hungry all the time lol. Be easy on yourself… Healthy is way more important than skinny. Don’t starve yourself, nourish your body and it will reward you… Not with hunger pains but with health and longevity. #health #funny #happinessisimportant #greenjuice #melodyorganics

She just wanted to ask him one last question, to make sure she was doing the right thing, she just couldn’t go on without knowing.
She loved him
So very much.
She loves him.
“Do you love me? Just say no and I’ll forget but speak with the truth because my heart is going insane”
But there was no way
No way
She would ask
She is that person
She wouldn’t ask
She would live without knowing
She would get over it
Eventually she will shut down
Eventually it will go away
Eventually She will go away
But she will never know
What the boy had to say
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