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Hi Marc, the first months of a relationship are often the more relaxed, loving, retailers, dating, kissing, sex... We hope that the return of the series, we can see this state of happiness and "beginning of relationship" between Oliver and Felicity... not only problems, pain and stress. We´re concerned because in these five months much progress the relationship and they don´t have "the magic of the beginning of a relationship"

Duly noted.

Drabble: First Impressions

Happy Klaroweek! This is for Day 1: Beginnings. I’m fascinated by Klaus and Caroline’s first because they barely acknowledge each other, share literally one glance. So I wrote an alternate ending to the scene. Enjoy!


Seeing Klaus for the first time was like seeing a storybook monster come to life. Caroline had known about the Original Hybrid for months now. He was the enemy, the alien, the Big Bad. In her mind’s eye, he wasn’t a person, he was a list of all the horrible things he’d done: Kill Aunt Jenna, take Stefan away, turn Stefan into a Ripper, kidnap her and Tyler, kill fleets of humans and werewolves up and down the East Coast, slaughter Katherine’s entire family after she ran…His victims extended an entire millenia.

But she’d never pictured what he’d looked like. Actually, that may not have been true because Caroline was surprised when she saw Klaus for the first time. She hadn’t pictured him to be that young. He appeared to have been turned at around 25, barely a man. His body lean, as well, not the muscular hulk she’d expected.

But when Klaus walked into that lab room on Senior Prank Night, Caroline was barely able to register him. She should have recoiled in horror. She didn’t though because she was busy stroking Tyler’s back reassuringly. Her boyfriend was about to die. That was the thought in the back of her mind as she tried to keep her composure. Her one goal was to keep Tyler sane before his inevitable end. An end brought about, again, by Klaus, for his hybrid experiment.

There eyes met for millisecond. His face gave nothing away. Thinking back on it, Klaus could have been completely calm or incredibly grim. Or maybe Caroline hadn’t learned how to read Klaus yet. Either way, she was disconcerted, not knowing whether Klaus being pleased was good for Tyler or not.

But Caroline wasn’t Klaus’s focus. He didn’t look at her once as she screamed and fought against Rebekah, who stopped her from going to help Tyler. They forced her to watch as Tyler drank Elena’s blood and fell to the floor in pain. Then it was all over and Tyler lay in the fetal position, panting hard, but very much alive.

Klaus was laughing. As Caroline to terms with her boyfriend becoming something she’d always thought she’d be able to protect him from, Klaus smiled from ear to ear victoriously. “Go show my new hybrid how to feed properly,” he said, as if tasting his triumph on his tongue.

Rebekah finally released her and Caroline stumbled forward, steadying herself against a lab table. As Rebekah grabbed Tyler’s bicep, hoisted him up, and practically dragged him out of the room, Caroline began to follow them.

“Not so fast, sweetheart,” said Klaus, still in that chillingly calm voice. Caroline froze, watching as Tyler and Rebekah exited into the hall, leaving Klaus and Caroline alone.

Caroline’s head whipped around and she glares at him defiantly. “My boyfriend has just turned into a vampire and you’re telling to let your psychopath of a sister explain how vampires feed?!” she exclaimed angrily. She was a lot angrier than she should have been in front of the most dangerous creature on the planet but, in that moment, she didn’t care.

For the first time ever, Klaus observed her carefully, leaning his head to the side like a curious stray. It made Caroline’s hair stand on its ends. “You shouldn’t talk to me in that way love. You may wound me.” His voice was mocking but he subtly showed her his fangs.

She tried to appeal to him. “Look, I know how to get him to feed properly. He’ll listen to me. I just don’t want him to end up like…” She trailed off.

“Like the Rippah,” Klaus finished, relishing the word. Caroline nodded but said nothing. “Besides,” Klaus continued, “You’re a baby vampire. There’s nothing you can teach him that Rebekah can’t.”

There was a playful challenge to his words.But Caroline was in no mood to play. “Humanity,” she stated evenly. “I can show him how to avoid the guilt of killing someone because you couldn’t control yourself.” She was looking not at Klaus now, but at the car park, where just a few months ago she’d killed for the first and only time. “I helped him through his transitions every full moon for months. I can help him through this,” she concluded.

Klaus’ eyes bore into the side of her head, as if trying to pierce through her soul. He had an odd expression, and Caroline could swear she saw admiration there. It disappeared so quickly she could have sworn she’d imagined it. “But he’s my hybrid,” he said, hardening. “He needs a taste of the warm blood running through the vein. And he needs to be able to kill to survive.” He smiled at her patronisingly. “Now run along, we wouldn’t my new hybrid to miss his girl, would we?”

Caroline didn’t have to be told twice. She rushed out of the room after Tyler as if the devil were after her. She wondered if she’d managed to change his mind or if he just wanted to get rid of a nuisance.

So, yeah Klaus wasn’t what she’d expected.

Klaus didn’t think much about his first hybrid’s girlfriend at first. In fact, he told himself he couldn’t even remember her name. But a few days later, in hotel on the way find more hybrids he began to sketch absentmindedly.

When he looked down, there she was. Big, fierce blue eyes, blonde hair like the sun, body like a dream, and smile curved on her face. And her name, Caroline, written in the bottom left-hand corner, mocking him.

Honestly God bless Caitlyn Jenner. God bless her for being herself & GOD BLESS the reaction she has gotten. She’s so beautiful and incredibly courageous for taking the steps to be herself and be happy & LOOK HOW POSITIVE ALMOST EVERYONE HAS BEEN. Imagine how empowering this is for transgender men and women who live everyday in fear of being themselves at the risk of not only being judged but of being harmed and killed out of gross ignorance. I’m so glad I’m seeing such a progressive reaction. I’m laying in bed giggling right now I’m so happy for her and that a generation of better understanding and acceptance is beginning to grow. There is still so much progress to be made but just imagining how empowering this may be for trans men and women is so awesome.

HACF Episode 1

I’m going to go ahead and unload my thoughts on you all in a sort of long unedited rant. You have been warned ;)

- It is moving reaaaaaally slow. Like I get its important to build a solid foundation for the rest of the series and catch up, with it being 20 months on, but I was hoping something more substantial would’ve happened.


- Sweaty Joe? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

- I love how Donna and Gordon have switched places from the opening of season 1. Now hes the one looking after the kids and being let down all the time whilst Donna is being all cloak and dagger about what shes doing with Cameron and going out drinking. Provides a great parallel. 

- I’m sorry but Sara and Joe have zero Chemistry. At all. But I liked the bit about her saying he only wanted to marry her because shes the only person that has forgiven him ‘cause its too true.

- The bit at the end with Joe and Cameron is super sweet. I’m wondering if they’re going to build on that throughout the next few episodes, watching their online relationship grow without them knowing their respective identities until a few more episodes in. 

- Donna and Cameron having eachothers backs is just ahskaffslfksja. Perfect.

- Was I the only one who thought Joe was going to be in the bar Cameron and Donna were in, drowning his sorrows? I thought they might have him intervene in the fight or be super drunk or something. I know its cliched but it would be good having Cameron see how far Joe has fallen. 

- Nathan is an arsehole. “Hope you stay healthy Nathan” - WOW BURN. 

- This is just my head-canon, but I’m thinking Joe might have a personality or mood disorder and if he has they are showing it in an empathetic light. His life has fallen apart and he seems to have attached himself the the first person who was willing to listen and showed a bit of empathy for him. I don’t think Joe is a bad person, he’s done bad things but hes not inherently malicious. I’d like it if they addressed his mental health rather than doing what the majority of TV shows do and heavily imply it, skirting round it without saying it out loud. We need more representation dammit. 

- Bosworth, yaaaaaaaaaay <3 <3 <3 

oh my god my heart can’t

rewatching strange magic for like the 8th time no joke…and omg happy marianne is such a dork. at the beginning when she’s singing, she literally knocks a poor turtle into water, and then i looked at the shell and noticed it’s not a turtle but a goddam TORTOISE…

the poor thing probably drowned and happy Marianne is guilty of one count of involuntary tortoise slaughter

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Honestly, who do you think will win and why?

HMMMMMMM. I don’t really have a good handle on what Ru wants, it seems, since I’m still in mourning over Katya. I think a case can be made for all of them so I won’t be rioting regardless of the victor. 

My gut tells me that Ginger is going to win but I don’t really have any reason for feeling that way aside from a vague feeling in the air. Though I hope that Violet wins because I think she’s the most versatile of the three plus I’m super into her aesthetic. But I wouldn’t be upset if Pearl won either. I don’t know! Last season I knew it would be Bianca from the beginning and I was happy about it. But this season I don’t know at all what’s gonna happen, I just know I’m excited.

My sadness is very near to me. It’s been with me for so many years. It is comfortable for me despite making me miserable. I don’t know a life outside of depression but I am working so very hard to dig out of this hole I’ve lived in for so long. I want happiness for myself. I’m so accustomed to being sad that I don’t know where to begin. I don’t know happiness besides the brief, fleeting moments I have spent with it. Often I want to give up, I feel hopeless and lost. But I’m trying. I’m trying. Always trying.

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in the original ac during the cb festival, someone would drink juice. i just now realized that is meant to be alcohol because the animal drinking it becomes very happy and begins talking like a drunk (aka slow-ish)