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Be With Me So Happily. Chapter 44

You were back in NYC and Harry was still on tour in Japan for a few days. Once the Japan leg was finished, they had about a week off and you were hoping that Harry would come to visit, but you weren’t sure. You were currently in your apartment typing away. You had written a lot while you were gone, however, now you had to type all together with what you have already previously written. The doorbell rings and you save your work before heading to answer it. You smile when you see it’s your food, you hadn’t really gone to the grocery, so you were out of food. You pay the delivery guy before closing the door and walking over to the kitchen counter. You take everything out, setting it up, when your doorbell rings again. You answer it and smile when you see it’s David. You hug him. “Hey, long time no see.” You laugh. “I know. It has been a while.” He says taking off his jacket. “I got some food.” You say. “I was in the mood for some chinese and I got a little bit of everything. I figured what we don’t eat tonight, I get for leftover’s later.” You laugh. “True. There is nothing like leftover chinese.” He laughs. “You can eat out of the boxes or I have plates.” You say. “This is fine.” he smiles grabbing a small plate. “So, how was your trip?” He asks. “It was great. I mean Harry and I had a few moments where it was a bit stressful, but we got through it.” You say eating some lo mein. “Did you guys fight or something?” He asks. “Yeah.” You nod. “It was more about how Harry has always been used to me being able to be there all the time and not have something else going on, so when he was free and I was either talking with you or working on the book, he didn’t really handled it well because he didn’t understand if I was going to be working when we could be spending time together then what was the point of me coming in the first place.” You say. “Basically, we both are having to get use to this new arrangement, I guess for lack of wording, in our relationship. I mean when we first got together, I pretty much quit my job at the bookstore I was working out, I started taking University Classes online, but then that failed completely because I just was never doing the work because I was with him all the time, and so we were both used to that, so now that I can’t be with him all the time, it’s definitely an adjustment.” You say. “So, you basically just gave up your life or postponed it for him?” He asks grabbing some more rice. “Well, I guess you could see it that way, but our relationship is really complicated.” You say. “People usually say complicated with there are issues that can’t be resolved.” He says. You sigh. “I don’t mean it like that. I mean our entire relationship in general is complicated. There are things that happened in our past and then when we got together we had been apart for a while, so I was able to quit my things to go with him, I don’t regret it.” You say. “I didn’t say that you did, but I just wonder if he would ever give up something or put something on hold to be with you.” He says. “What do you mean?” You ask. “I mean would he ever sacrifice something important to him for you.” He says. “Why are you even asking me that? What would he have to sacrifice anything for me? I didn’t sacrifice anything for him. I chose to to join him on tour. I chose to leave University because honestly, I don’t think that was for me anyway.” You say. “Maybe it wasn’t a sacrifice for you then, but who is to say that down the road, something might need to be sacrificed” He says. You sigh. “Why are we even talking about this?” You say. “You have only met Harry briefly and you don’t know our history or our current relationship. You have no right to judge.” You say. “You’re right, I don’t, but that doesn’t mean I can’t see that you are always going to be the one in that relationship who’s dreams get put on hold.” He says. “And again you don’t understand our relationship and plus he is in a career where it can’t just be put on hold  and I would never ask him to do that.” You say. “Exactly! That is my point right there!” He says. “YOU would never ask him to do that, but would HE never ask you to put yours on hold for him!” He says. You sigh. “Look, I’m done talking about this and honestly, I think it’s best that you leave because I don’t think I can focus on getting anything work related done. Plus, I still a bit jet lagged.” You sigh. He sighs nodding. He grabs his jacket and looks at you. “Y/N. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to step on any toes or to offend you or Harry. I know that we’re business partners, but I also call you a friend and I look out for my friends.” He says. “You don’t have to look out for me. At least not with Harry.” You say. “And I’ll take your word on that. I won’t comment on your relationship again, I promise.” He says. “Thank you. Maybe we can reschedule tomorrow.” You say. “Sounds great.” He smiles before leaving. 

After the whole conversation with David, you weren’t in the mood to write, and you were still a bit jet lagged. You sigh deciding on a nice hot bath with a good book and some candles. You turn on the water and add a bath bomb before grabbing your candles and lighting them and turning on some soft music. You then grab your book that your currently reading before tying your hair up on the very top of your head and undressing completely. Once the water was up as high as you wanted it, you turned in off. You grab your towel placing it near by before stepping in and laying out. You smile leaning back against the little pillow you had on the tub and closing your eyes. You lay like that for a bit, just relaxing and listening to the music. After a few minutes, you dry off your hands a bit before grabbing your book and reading. Once the water starts getting cold and you feel your body started to shrivel up, you place your book on the edge of the tub before getting out. You lean over to pull the plug to drain out the water and then grab your towel to start drying off. You wrap the towel around you tying it at your chest. You grab your book taking it back into the living room. You lay on your couch reading for a bit, when your phone goes off. You grab it after you finish the page you are on, when you see it’s Harry. "I miss you! What are you doing, love?" He sends. You smirk getting an idea. You take a picture of you, where you can see that you’re freshly bathed, in a towel and reading. “Oh, nothing much. Just took a nice relaxing bath and now I’m finishing up some reading.” You send along with the picture. "Why did you just do that to me?" He sends to you. Before you can type a response, he sends another. "Care to send me one without the towel?" He sends and you can just see him smirking to himself. You smirk to yourself before changing into your fluffy robe and taking another picture. "Better?" You send back. "Haha, you’re so funny. You know what I meant! But you still look good in that fluffy robe of yours." He sends. "Of course I knew what you meant, but do you honestly think I’m going to send you a naked photo. One I don’t need you getting all horny by yourself and then you calling me and wanting to do phone sex or some crazy shit like that. Two, That’s all I need is to send you a naked photo and then your phone is hacked or something and then everyone sees me!" You laugh sending. "Ehh. I guess you’re right, but still you’re no fun, Y/N. Besides, who is to say I don’t already have naked photos of you on my phone." He sends. You quickly close your book and call him. He answers on the first ring. “Harry Edward Styles you better not have any photos of me on your phone or I swear I will kill you!” You say through the phone. He laughs. “Hello to you too.” He says. “Hello, Harry and you better not!” You say. “Of course, I don’t.” He laughs. “Well, I mean I did, at one point, but then when all of that hacking people’s stuff happened, I deleted them.” He says. You groan. “What am I going to do with you?” You say dramatically. “I know what I would love for you to do.” He smirks. You roll your eyes. “You are such a guy.” You say. “And?” He laughs. “And nothing. I was just pointing it out.” You laugh. He laughs. You smile and you both talk for a bit before you start to get tired and he tells you to go to bed. “Okay, Goodnight, I love you.” You smile. “I love you too, baby.” He smiles. “Sleep well.” He says before hanging up. 

It was the next day and you were meeting David at a restaurant to work on what you were supposed to work on the previous night. You could have worked in your apartment, but your lack of food was not helping and plus, you didn’t want to get in a little spat like you did with him last night. At least in public, you could strictly keep it business. You were there before him, so you got the table and order a drink for yourself as well as an appetizer for you both to share. By the time your drink and the appetizer came, David was sitting down. “I’m so sorry again about last night.” He sighs. “It’s okay. I’ve forgotten all about it and have moved on.” You smile. “I know what it can be like to be a friend looking out for someone they care about and I can also see how an outsider who doesn’t know my relationship could see it the way that you saw it, so it’s not entirely your fault.” You say. “Well, I’m glad that I didn’t ruin not only a friendship, but our business relationship.” He says. “Of course not. We’re good.” You smile. He smiles and you both order your lunches and start on your work. After about two hours, you two finally decide to call it a quits. You grab your things and your coat heading out of the restaurant after paying. David smiles walking with you. “I’ve noticed you’re starting to take to the New York lifestyle.” He smiles. “A bit.” You laugh. “Well, I think you’re adjusting great.” He smiles. “Thanks, I think.” You laugh. “Anyway, I just want to tell you that I think you’re doing a great job with your book and I’m really proud of you. When I first read your work that you had sent in, I knew that you had potential and that you were talented, but after working with you and seeing all that you’ve gotten done, so far, I have to admit that I’m impressed.” He smiles. “Well, I can’t take all the credit. I mean you’re helping me. Who is to say that if I didn’t have you, I would be where I am.” You say. “Okay, so maybe that is a bit true, but still, you’re doing the majority of the work, I’m just there to help guide you through.” He smiles. “Pretty soon you might not need my help or me at all.” He laughs. “Uh. I don’t think that’s true. Every author needs a editor.” You laugh. “Just like every editor needs an author.” You smile. “Sounds like we’re made for each other.” He laughs. “It does.” You giggle. He smiles giving you a hug before you get into your car that drives you to the apartment and little did you know that you’re meeting with David was being photographed and would soon be everywhere that you were cheating on Harry. 

vertigos replied to your post:This has been, and always will be, a Project…

finally!!! i’m avoiding the fandom rn and blacklisting anything just because of this ‘rant’ :/

It will be a sad sad say for me (and I sense it’s coming soon) when I have to actually blacklist a major OB tag because of crap on my dash about these guys. The Paul hate in it’s heydey was annoying enough. I’m in this for the story. And it’s always going to be Sarah and her sister’s story. It will never cease to be anything but. And I don’t have the energy to keep writing that essay, so I probably will end up doing the same Cah, lol. *sigh*

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Silent Scream, Eun-Sang, Rachel 185

a time for silence

The hill behind their house has a gentle slope that makes it easy to relax and watch the children play. Sometimes they bring food and blankets and books to distract them but more often than not, Rachel and Eun-Sang sit quietly and easily together.

The years of war are behind them. They still have nightmares. They are more a we than an I. Rachel closes her eyes and Eun-Sang keeps her hands still. Those that know them well, know that this is a moment not to be interrupted. Even the children keep away.

They always return to the house together, hand in hand, with easy smiles and laughter.


Today’s black history month post is about Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child, a television series that had its original run from 1995-2000. The show was made for HBO Network, airing on their family channel alongside programs like Crashbox and A Little Curious.

Happily Ever After was a series aimed at retelling classic children’s tales like Jack and the Beanstalk, Pinocchio, Rumplestiltskin, Robin Hood, etc with different cultural twists on them. This often involved settings in places like Taipei, Mexico, Africa, Jamaica, the American Southwest (for Native American characters), and Japan. The series was notable for its abundant portrayal of characters of color.

The show was directed by Bruce W. Smith (you guys should be familiar with him by now), the man behind The Proud Family and the director of the film Bebe’s Kids. There is an artistic similarity between all three works to some degree or another. 

The re-tellings were very unique, and included examples like: Robinita Hood, the tale of Robin Hood where the vigilante hero is a Latina woman, Goldilocks (with golden locs) and the three bears retold in the Caribbean, an inuit retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen,” and more.

The stories often not only fleshed out diverse cultures with everything from the West Indies to Korea, but there was a notable focus on women in many episodes. Stories often took roles traditionally given to males and portrayed the heroes as women in the re-tellings. There were often messages of empowerment found within these.

The show was also known for its many celebrity voices. Just about every episode had several guest stars. Some guests include, but are not limited to: Harry Belafonte, Tyra Banks, James Earl Jones, Will Smith, Chris Rock, Salt-n-Pepa, David Allen Grier, Raven-Symone, Denzel Washington, Dionne Warwick, Cree Summer, and Vanessa Williams. 

While the show did finish its initial run 15 years ago, it has been running on the HBO Family Network ever since. There are only 39 episodes, so one could jump in any time and get through the whole series.

Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child currently airs every morning on HBO Family from 7:30 to 9:00 AM. The show is also available on HBO on Demand.

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unpopular opinion because took me years really enjoy their music. I would be glad with the changes if they know the lyrics of their own songs... They could have practiced different setlist until feel satisfied and not do it on the shows. It looks very unprofessional for a band who want to be taken seriously. sigh.

It seems to me that what probably happened is: they saw people asking for Stockholm Syndrome and thought, “let’s give the fans what they want!” Except with zero consideration as to how the fans would want it. So they made an unintelligible decision about which song to cut, and threw in a song they weren’t prepared to perform — just because fans were asking for it.

Which is really, really not how to satisfy your fans. I can just picture 1DHQ or whoever sitting around right now, totally baffled about why people are complaining, because didn’t they give us what we want???

God, it’s so irritating to be a fan of this band.