A little preparation goes a long way. Eating clean and healthy is not as hard or expensive as you may think. Aside from my warm lemon water with cayenne, this is my entire day’s foods until dinner. You just have to chose and focus on living your best, healthiest and happiest life. #happierandhealthier #fruitsandveggies #nutrimeal #greenjuice #planyourmeals #lowglycemic

How you start your day truly effects the rest of your day. If you want health, happiness, mental alertness and clarity, energy and a positive mind-set, you have to start your day with things that will nourish your mind, body and spirit. I start my day with 5 minutes of meditation, a large glass of alkaline water with lemons, followed by an organic cup of coffee with raw organic ghee and MCT oil (nourishing and loaded with antioxidants; I only do this 3-4X per week) or grapefruit juice with raw greens, cinnamon & cayenne; then 2-3 hours later (after my morning workout), I have my first #nutrimeal shake with raw greens and raw protein added, plus my #usana customized HealthPak of vitamins. Try it for 10 days and see how your everyday life will change and improve. I Feel my best ever at 43! #lovelifeandliveit #happierandhealthier #kickstartyourday #usanalife

I feel so #grateful and #blessed today! I wake up and my wife brought my warm lemon water with cayenne to me in bed (perfect for my meditation); and then had this energizing beet, carrot, ginger, and lemon juice freshly squeezed, waiting for me when I came downstairs; not to mention a freshly squeezed greens juice for me to take to work. Nourish your body, your mind and your relationships. Cheers! #juicing #mindbody #nutritiontips #happierandhealthier

Kick-start your day with a positive mindset and healing & healing energy boost. Digestive health is extremely critical as approx. 70% of our immune system lies in our digestive tract. Cellular health is extremely critical as 100% of our body and mind relies on healthy cells. Started with warm water + fresh lemon juice and cayenne… Then fresh squeezed pineapple and veggie elixir… Later today, I have my #Usana #Nutrimeal shake with raw greens and Maca root added, and a pure green veggies juice for afternoon. So blessed to have my amazing wife to make these juices!! #blessed #grateful #greenjuice #happierandhealthier #imfit

Want happy, healthy children (or craving something sweet yourself?)? Offer then a orange creamsicle ;-) 2.5 scooos of #nutrimeal, 1/2 cup baby spinach leaves, 4 oz. of 50/50 OJ, 6 0z. water, and a few ice cubes (1/2 frozen banana is optional). Don’t forget kids’ vitamins #usanimals and omega-3 #biomegajr. #healthykids #happierandhealthier #healthysmoothierecipes #imfit

Bad weather for last day in Park City… No problem. Got in a gr8 workout swimming laps in indoor/outdoor pool. Builds lean muscles without stressing joints + being in soothing water releases mental stress + swimming is gr8 for strengthening lungs & heart. When was your last workout in the water? #fitness #happierandhealthier #mindbody #health