White lines pretty baby tattoos
Dont know what they mean, they’re special just for you
White palms baking powder on the stove cooking up a dream turning diamonds into snow
I feel you pretty daddy feel me
Turn it up high, loving you is free

Magcon Preference

He hits you

note: i know the boys would never hit you, i made this post to point something out

Carter: You never come back to him

Cameron: You leave him

Nash: You never take him back

Taylor: You tell someone about it and break up with him

Jacob: You move out of the house you shared together

Gilinsky: You take him out of your life

Johnson: You never talk to him again

Aaron: You never go back to him

Shawn : You will end it with him

Matthew: You don’t ever date him again

Okay this post was made for a reason

I know in society today that many girls are abused by their boyfriends. They either dont do anything about it and let him continue to keep on abusing her or they forgive the guy and run back to him. I honestly think if a guy hits you, don’t take them back. Many girls say “oh he said it was on accident, he loves me!” He wouldn’t hit you on purpose if he loves you.

Please girls, if you are being abused by your boyfriend tell someone and leave the guy. He doesn’t love you if he hits you.