Anna takes a bite out of crime

I think I got a little carried away with the hearts :>

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I'm having a terrible day and I just wondering when you are not busy, you could write a Hanna Doctor Au prompt ? I have a huge doctor kink. Staying forever hidden, because to be honest I don't want people to know I have this kink.

Of course! I’m sorry to hear you had a bad day, though. I hope this helps cheer you up and that you feel better soon! <3

(I wasn’t sure exactly what you wanted, so this ended up being a period piece, as opposed to a modern day one, I hope that’s alright with you.)


"Oh, thank goodness you’re here, Dr. Westergard," Elsa sighed with relief as Hans was shown in by a servant. She stood up and held out her hand towards the young man.

"You know I’m not in the habit of making house calls this late, your majesty." Hans replied sternly; politely taking Elsa’s hand and placing a chaste kiss upon it.

"I understand, doctor. But Anna refuses to see anyone else." Elsa replied as she led Hans out of the parlor and down the hall, toward her sister’s bedroom.

"What’s the matter?" Hans asked.

"I don’t know, she won’t say. She doesn’t appear to look ill, but she barely eats, and never stirs from her bed. This has been happening on and off for several weeks, and I’m getting really worried about her." Elsa explained.

Hans felt his heart beat faster with concern, but he keep his demeanor calm.

"I’m sure it’s nothing serious, your majesty." He tried to reassure Elsa as the two of them reached the door to Anna’s bedchamber.

Elsa sighed. “I hope you’re right.”

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Three sentence prompt, Hansanna: When Hans catches the eyes of a group of pretty, wealthy ladies at a formal ball (and is swamped by flirtation and compliments from them), Anna is /determined/ to let all of them know that he's hers, even if it's obscene.

Anna couldn’t remember the last time she saw red so prominently - at least not until that evening, when, for some inexplicable reason, Prince Hans became the subject of many a lady’s eye when they both had entered the ballroom - they must’ve noticed Anna on his arm and the ring on her finger, so did they not realize that Hans was her husband?

Hans handled the overwhelming attention surprisingly well - and Anna suspected that he was actually enjoying it - as he smiled and politely accepted each compliment…that was, until one of the young ladies practically backed Hans into a corner behind a pillar and nearly out of sight, as she began whispering into Hans’ ear - all while discreetly rubbing her fan against Hans’ crotch - but Anna saw…and it took all of her self-control not to stomp over there and slap that smug look of off the girl’s prissy, little face…but then an idea came to Anna…and she smiled.

So Anna quietly walked over and surprised the woman with the remark of “you’re doing it wrong, this is how Hans really likes it” - before stepping right up to Hans and bravely placing her hand upon Hans’ semi-hard bulge - causing him to softly gasp Anna’s name, and flush brightly as Anna began rubbing gentle circles against him with her palm, smirking the entire time as she glanced at the woman - who glared back before walking away in a huff - before turning her gaze back to Hans, who was red-faced and breathing heavily; “Anna, if you’re going to do that, I insist that we take this somewhere else, ‘cause I don’t know how much longer I can control myself if you keep it up.”

[Hans:] Think about it Anna, didn’t it all just seem … too convenient?

[Anna:] Convenient!? 

[Hans:] All your life had been a series of doors in your face
And then suddenly I bumped into you

[Anna:] You tricked me! You knew
I was hurting my whole life, finding love to chase 

[Hans] And maybe you were being desperate and didn’t think it through

[Anna:] How dare you …
[Hans:] But through you

[Hans:] I found my place…
[Anna:] You were a fake…

[Both:] And it’s nothing like I’ve ever known before!
Love is a giant bore!
Love is an unfair war!
Love is a dreary chore!

[Anna:] With you!
[Hans:] With you!
[Anna:] With you!
[Hans:] Boo-hoo! 

[Anna:] Love should be so much more…

[Hans:] I mean it’s crazy…
[Anna:] What?

[Hans:] You fell for it just like—
[Anna:] give it a rest!

[Hans:] That’s what I was gonna say!

[Anna:] I’ve never met someone—

[Both:] Who’s so unlike from me!
Jinx! Jinx again!
Our mental synchronization
Can have but one explanation

[Hans:] You—
[Anna:] And I—
[Hans:] Were—
[Anna:] Just—

[Both:] A story!

[Hans:] Say goodbye…
[Anna:] It’s all lies…

[Hans:] To the pain of the past
I don’t have to feel it anymore!

Love is a cold, dark floor!
Love is a living horror!
Life would be such a snore!

[Anna:] With you!
[Hans:] With you!!
[Anna:] With you!!!
[Hans:] With you!!!!

[Both at the same time:] 

[Hans:] Love is a royal score…

[Anna:] Is this what I’ll die for?…

[Hans:] All that’s left now is to kill Elsa, and bring back summer.

[Anna:] You’re no match for Elsa.

[Hans:] No. You’re no match for Elsa. I, on the other hand, am the hero who is going to save Arendale from destruction. 

[Anna:] You won’t get away with this.

[Hans:] Oh, I already have.


…What do you mean this is not what happened in the movie?

We mustn’t have been in the same movie theater.


Well done, dovahkiin.

May i present you…The Frozen Beast”. (Part 1/?)

And the Red Fox is back! This is totally canon in my head, if you haven’t noticed. Now i just lack werewolf!Hans and maybe some Potter!AU with a fox patronus. Otherwise, that’s just his nickname. 

I’ve been having a terrible art-block towards a commission, so i thought "what should i do to relax my brain and still do something cool?" (senpai advice: not drawing is not an option, NEVER do that), and then this happened. It was only 3 screens in the beginning…but who am i kidding, crossing B&B with Hanna has been a dream of mine for AGES, so this was the perfect opportunity to do it. I had to ignore some other screens, though…*looks at them lovingly*

For those interested in the narrative-adaptation, please read below the cut. Many things had to be changed for this to work.

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three sentence fic pairing: hansanna (if you're not getting too tired of this;p) au: anna insists on a vacation for overworked yuppie-dad hans and they take the kid(s), but hans still needs a little extra push to put down the phone and relax.

"Bye mommy, we’ll make sure Aunt Elsa doesn’t freeze the pool," the littlest daughter called out - making Anna laugh as she waved her children and her sister off - but that laugh soon faded when she turned to see her husband, Hans, sitting hunched over the desk: reading glasses on, pen between his teeth, and cell phone in his hand…obviously taking care of business matters - the sight caused Anna to sigh loudly; "Hans, are you still working?”

Hans glanced over; taking the pen out of his mouth and slipping off his glasses as he gave Anna a tired smile; “I just want to finish up a few little things - it’s nothing compared to what I do at home,” he slipped his glasses back on and turned back to his paperwork; causing Anna to frown as she put her hands on her hips, “clearly you’ve forgotten why we took this trip in the first place - you’re not supposed to be doing any work,” she remarked; the irritation in her voice causing Hans to look over at her once more, his thumb dancing over the phone buttons as he dialed a new number - “just one more phone call, I promise.

Anna rolled her eyes; “you said that two phone calls ago,” she walked over and plucked the phone out of his hand, “put - the phone - down,” she emphasized her words by tossing the gadget onto the bed, before slipping into her husband’s lap - “you seriously need to relax,” she told him - “and how do you suggest I do tha- mmph-” Hans was cut off by a kiss from his wife as she squirmed on his lap; continuing to trail kisses up to his ear and whispering: “I’m gonna order us some lunch, and then we can make love all afternoon,” she nibbled on his ear as he broke into a smile; “that actually sounds like a pretty grand idea.”


can we please talk about the difference between Hans’s and Kristoff’s physicality with Anna

how when they first meet, Hans’s body language all but screams openness, while Kristoff couldn’t be more closed off

how Hans’s every touch is slow, calculated, while Kristoff’s every move is quick, instinctual

how gentle Hans is with Anna even as he treats her heart with the utmost brutality

how Kristoff’s less delicate treatment of Anna is always born of a desire to keep her safe and close

how Hans plays at love in his physicality, while Kristoff simply lives it

can we please talk about this

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Hansanna meeting at a 1920s speakeasy AU!

"Of all the times we had to visit America," Hans griped as he and his brother stepped inside the speakeasy they were told about - inside, it was dark, crowded and smelled of booze, smoke, and sex, but with the prohibition that was currently sweeping North America, the two brothers didn’t have much of a choice if they wanted so much as to get a drop of liquor.

Quickly and quietly, the young men made their way through the crowd towards the bar; keeping their eyes down and not speaking to anyone…that was, until a young woman of about eighteen accidentally bumped into Hans with an “oh, excuse me, I was just-“

Of course, as one might read in fiction, the two stared at each other for a moment, almost studying each other…the young woman had freckles - just like Hans - her coppery hair was cut in a short bob, and her eyes (from what Hans could tell in the dark room) were a blue and sea-green mix that matched the beads in her headband - but the thing that caught Hans’ attention the most, was her smile - a smile that prompted Hans to give one back and ask: “can I buy you a drink?”


"An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.”