Event Time Announcer shows time for #EatTheRude Twitter Campaign in locations all over the world. In New York it happens on Thursday, May 16, 2013 at 9:00:00 PM.


The link above takes you to a time converter for our twitter campaign! Just scroll down, select your country or city and voila!

If you’re at work while the show airs (like me) you can schedule tweets with TweetDeck - http://tweetdeck.com/


Please see below for important info on how to make your tweets count! Here’s a rundown of the basics.

ONE TAG PER TWEET - #EATTHERUDE - Any tweet containing more than one hashtag will not be counted!


Good Tweet - Why is Freddie still here? #EATTHERUDE

Bad Tweet - Can #Hannibal just kill Freddie already? #EATTHERUDE

DO NOT SPAM - You may end up being flagged by Twitter if you do this, and your tweets will not be counted! (Even if you and your followers can see them)

Good Tweet - Don’t @NBC know it’s rude to be late? #EATTHERUDE


NO ‘LONE’ HASHTAGS - Your tweets need to have some text in them, otherwise they will not count towards the trend!


Good tweet - OMG Jack stop yelling #EATTHERUDE

Bad tweet - #EATTHERUDE

NO SWEARING/CURSING - Any tweet that contain swears will not be counted! (Though may still be otherwise valid)


Good Tweet - Cannot wait for Chilton to get it #EATTHERUDE

Bad Tweet -  That fucker Chilton I swear #EATTHERUDE

UNLOCK YOUR ACCOUNT BEFORE TRENDING - If your Twitter account is set to private, your tweets will not count! You can always set back to private after it’s all over :D

In addition to these points, it’s a good idea generally to keep your tweets funny and short. I recommend using TinyURL to shorten any links you may be using!

See here for the list of Hannibal people you should be interacting with on Twitter - http://tinyurl.com/d6ky6hx - Scroll to the bottom for the list (feel free to follow me too!)

As always Fannibals it’s been a pleasure. I love you all and can’t wait to see what you all come up with this Thursday!

For a reminder of what we’re doing - http://tinyurl.com/d6ky6hx

To attend the Facebook event at Hannibal HQ - http://tinyurl.com/bz8z95q

Much love,

- Kristy

P.S. I hear there might be some sort of competition coming up…you’ll all have to keep your eyes peeled on that one. Track ktgay to stay in the loop or join Hannibal HQ here


We did it. We reached our goal of 7000 signatures for the “Save NBC’s Hannibal” petition!

The Care2 website is in the process of creating a signature report, which I will deliver to NBC. This will be ready within the hour - in the meantime, since the petition has reached its goal with days to spare I’ve decided to up the count to 10.000 signatures in order for any new fans, (looking at you UK), to show their support.

On that, I have also changed the petition’s title from “Save NBC’s Hannibal” to “Support NBC’s Hannibal”, as I feel it is more in line with the spirit, tone and intention of what we are trying to do.

Thank-you all again so much. I am so proud to be associated with this fandom. You are all so gorgeous, witty, talented and sharp.

Much love (I’m migraining like a bitch so will get this all done ASAP and get some sleep!)

- Kristy

P.S. I have one favour to ask - As I am located in Australia, and would like to send off a hard copy of the petition report to NBC, is there anyone from the US who would be interested in printing and sending? I’d love to get it to them ASAP. Please contact me if you are interested.


Important Update - Support Hannibal on NBC

The Support NBC’s Hannibal petition has reached it’s extended target of 10000 signatures!


Thank-you all so much for signing and sharing. So many sweet, talented and smart Fannibals out there and I am so proud to be one of you!

I am creating an updated petition report, which will be sent via mail to NBC and Hannibal’s production team. At around 400 pages, they’ll have a lot of positive feedback to get through! (Many thanks to eattherude  for your assistance with this).

So time to relax now right?

Not a chance! As some of you may know, the decision on whether to renew Hannibal has been delayed by one, possibly two weeks. With this extra time we now have the opportunity to increase our momentum and show NBC we mean business.

We all know the basics, but I can’t go past deadfashionista’s explanation of exactly how tv ratings work, and what best we can do to ensure Hannibal’s success. Please take a look - this info is GOLD.


I also have something cooking at the moment which should be fun, and will also help the cause while we await NBC’s decision. I will update as soon as I can ;)

All future Hannibal campaign posts will be tagged ktgay, so if you’d like to keep up to date with what’s happening please feel free to track!

Once again I’m going to bring it in for a big worldwide group hug.

Best fandom ever.

-  Kristy xo