Happy Valentines Day to all the Fannibals, every one of my followers and everyone I follow. Here is a quick follow forever and rec for the amazing Hannibal blogs I follow. I hope you have a great day whatever you’re doing! 

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So, I’ve been saying that I’ll make one of these for approximately 80 years… tell me if any of you change your URLs or the links are wrong or whatever xx

ciorane2 tagged me :)

Why did you choose your URL?
Oh easy. It all comes to the protagonists of my novel. Michael Turner + Audrey Sutton = Turttons. ;D And yup, it is one of my main otps right now.  I was previously northiles but that one died, because of reasons.

What is your middle name?

Isabel :)

If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?
Uh, a cat! I just love them too much. 

Favorite color?
Purple, red, black…Ok, I’ll go with purple.

Favorite song?
Bohemian Rhapsody’s always been my all time fave. But most recently I’d have to go for two hearted spider by my beloved editors. I’m listening to a lot of Hozier at the moment and yep, you guessed right, specially take me to church.

What are your top three fandoms?
Apart from Hannibal (obviously ;) ) mmm, only two more? haha Okay, I’m in love with better call saul at the moment and the blacklist. To name a few.  But the fall is also really worth mentioning.

What do you enjoy about Tumblr?
I enjoy the people I’ve met over here that are absolutely lovely, I love that most of them share my points of view, I enjoy that here I can speak freely and just be myself and without any family dramas. Or dramas, in general.

Tagging!: hannibalmorelikecannibal, ocsarah, thegreatestofcalamities and just anyone that wants to do it! ;)


Video by niche-pastiche

It’s about Will and the support system he thinks he has and what happens when he needs that support system. Also, there is the added bonus that the song made an appearance in certain movie… I’ll give you three guesses. 

Raúl Taboo Story Ringtones!

Inspired by this post, shared by hannibalmorelikecannibal where Raúl talks about the Taboo controversy, when he almost quit and stormed off. I love it when he’s making fun of himself for being overly dramatic! And because consciousdarkness thought the “I quit, I quit, I quit!” line would make a good ringtone, I’ve made several!

“Gone, I tell you, gone, I am leaving the show forever!”

“Blue eyeshadow, and extraordinary eyelashes, and my big red lips!”

“I quit, I quit, I quit!”

Asky Taggy Meme

The darlin’ meejaliebling tagged me!  Thanks, love.

First, I must admit being horrible with tagging and managing to find time to complete these requests. Please forgive those I’ve not been able to complete. All has to do with time and getting to an actual laptop as most of my online life is via an iPad.

1) Why did you choose your URL?

I was being playful and wanting something Hugh Dancy AND Hannibal related. Thus, Hugh Dancy + Hannibal…HughDancible.  Made sense at the time. <g>

2) What is your middle name?

Annette.  Never use it. Took eons to learn to spell it given my full name, prior to marriage, had 24 letters to memorize.  Yeah, my name never fit on ANYTHING. But at least, I was given a middle other than the typical one associated with my given name, which I’ve always considered a bit of a plus.

3) If you could own a fairytale/ fictional pet, what would it be?  Oh my, I’d have to pick two, I’m afraid.  One would definitely be Toothless, sweet, loyal, yet fierce when the need arises. The other, a mountain banshee a la James Cameron’s Avatar. With each of these loves, I could fly the heavens. Given I am reduced to a blithering cry-face during flying scenes in each film, this need to soar is soul-deep.

4)Favorite color?

Hmmm.  Used to be able to name one (blue), but then maturity happened (kinda) and now, I truly love all colors with the exception of pinky pink. Variations are fine. (Aw come on, by now you KNOW a simple answer simply won’t do!)

5) Favorite song? (music)

 One? Is that possible for anyone?  Like asking a favorite child.  Soundtracks are favorites.  Celtic vocals. Piano. Strings. SOUND is glorious. I’ll take most of it. Just don’t yell my music and I’m happy.

6) Top Three Fandoms

Three choices, thank the goddess.  Hannibal. (Top, Tippy Tippy TOP)  Longmire. (Quality in boots). BattleStar Gallactica (You’re missed, guys).

7) Why do you enjoy Tumblr?

I’m incredibly visual making Tumblr unicorns and rainbows.(They’d be close to perfect if their email platform didn’t suck).  Pretties everywhere. Kind folks. I can fangirl my little heart out, PLUS get a heady dose of reality if I want it. Fun place to play.

8) Tag all 9 of your tumblr crushes and let them play in the question pool. Please answer all 8, loves. (NINE, only 9????)  How will I ever manage only 9!