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Confession. My husband does not know I’ve seen season two of The Fall. He didn’t want to watch it until January and I simply could not live my life that way, so now when it comes time to watch it on Netflix with him, I am going to have to give some fucking epic performances when it comes to pretending not to know what happens.

Luckily I have plenty of practice. You guys should have seen the award worthy shit I came up with for the season 2 finale of Hannibal. Seriously. 

watched the s2 finale of hannibal again last night (with the lovely siriusdanger for moral support/snarky commentary). a few things:

  • just as homoerotic as i remembered
  • kind of more homoerotic than i remembered
  • i literally thought my brain had made up certain parts
  • like remember how will kind of wanted hannibal to get away?
  • but hannibal wouldn’t leave without will?
  • that happened
  • that actually happened

season 3 cannot start soon enough

heyy again„ i’m just coming to you personally rn, asking this really to alleviate my own fears. read an interview someone posted, between ign and bryan fuller. it had a lot of comments from bryan that were… pretty heavy with victim blaming, and i’m a little worried that next season will continue on that path?


i can understand exploring Will feeling guilty, because victims do blame themselves a lot of the time, but i don’t want to hear this as the message in the narrative and it’s a little worrying to hear it explained this way from bryan. i’ve heard him talk about the situation before in a similar way… also thinking of when Hugh came to Will’s defense @ the panel which was also around october, AFTER this interview was posted i think? so i’m hoping if this is something that was going to be shown, bryan’s maybe had some other writers or maybe hugh himself talk about… how it’s… victim blaming…. is he just explaining what hannibal’s thought process was at this point? “the bad friend” and “the good friend” .. . … . .. . i’m worrying myself here, hoping as someone who follows the interviews more, maybe you’d be able to help me out with this? bryan doesn’t always seem to talk the very best in interviews, hahahhh…. really hoping this is not an actual thing that we will be presented with, that Will somehow deserved everything and that his actions are equivalent to all the abuse Hannibal did. :S bone pls help me„

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I’m pretty sensitive about victim blaming—got into a tumblr fight about it last summer—and God knows I took Bryan Fuller to task about his comments in that particular interview (in a post a while back), at the least over who’s the better friend…

BUT, a few things.



Watching the Hannibal s2 finale (Mizumono), while sketching thumbnails every time the camera cuts.

Here’s part 1 of 2. This drawing exercise is turning out way lengthier than anticipated, so I have to post it in multiple parts.
(Idea for the drawing exercise itself comes from this x)

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Hannibal (Season 2) finale still got me like