||The Elvish and Aristocracy||

Hannibal had finally arrived at the ancient and beautiful city of Rivendell. Elves reside here, among the flowing waterfalls, lush fields, and gorgeous, arching bridges. Greenery everywhere. A truly pure and good city. Hannibal came here for the rich elvish culture: especially their music. Plus, the vast historical knowledge.

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The S3 spoiler is too good to be true. Remember when S2 spoiler came out people thought finally! Hannibal centric, but obviously it was talking about how Hannibal became Will's fangirl so I really wouldn't have any tiny expectation on S3. LOL

I expect more metaphors & new symbolisms changing according to the writers’ side of waking in the morning, I expect Will being assisted by Mason in his crussade to find Hannibal & trying to save Francis (Matthew may be around there as well) I expect Hannibal and Bedelia talking about Will, Pazzi finding Will as soon as he realises who Hannibal is, Chilton being a totally different character than in season 1. And Hannibal? Having a background totally different than in Thomas Harris’ books (to be truer to the spirit!).

… and I just hope to be wrong.

Watching the episode before the season 1 finale of Hannibal
  • Stepdad:you don't like her do you?
  • Me:why would I? This bitch decided to not trust Will Graham. She's a no good character to be so easily manipulated. Get her outta here.
  • Stepdad:well, at this point, I don't think Will Graham's dogs trust Will Graham.

I finally finished Hannibal Rising (gone are the days when I’d stay up all night to finish a book, even a dumb one), and it was a significant improvement over the movie. Instead of broody sexy dark Gaspard Ulliel, teenage/young adult Hannibal is just a petulant smartass, and it’s hilarious. The antagonists are less ham-fisted, and the big reveal at the end isn’t so heavy-handed. It’s almost a blink-and-you-miss-it moment as opposed to a grandiose and lazy, “This why he eats people omg!!1!.”

The book is more subtle in most things with the exception of Lady Murasaki’s portrayal. There’s so much othering of her it almost felt like I was reading weeaboo fanfic (drink every time Harris mentions perfumed kimonos, tea, bathing rituals, samurai armor or weaponry, haikus, or ikebana and you will be dead).

But Hannibal Rising has my favorite character in the whole series, Inspector Popil. He has precisely zero fucks to give about Hannibal and looks like Louis Jourdan. I hope we get a glimpse of him in the series (A++ if Dominic West reprised the role).

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Send me § for my muse’s reaction to yours slowly slipping a knife into their chest.

     There wasn’t an inch of his body that didn’t ache in that moment. Sprawled out over the foot of the basement stairs in Hannibal Lecter’s house. Barely conscious after having been thrown down the flight by the owner of the house himself, undoubtedly setting their brawl on its final conclusion.

     The thumping of footsteps down the stairs pounded in Zeller’s head along with his racing heartbeat. It was all he could do to just lift his head up, but even that became too much it and it fell back down to the cold cement floor, his bloody mouth breathing hot on it. His left leg lifted as Hannibal grabbed it and began dragging Zeller further into the basement. He was useless to do anything about it.

     Finally, Hannibal stopped and let Zeller’s leg drop to the floor again. The man circled around the agent once before using his foot to turn him over onto his back. Zeller uttered a grunt as his bruised back rolled against the floor and coughed, drops of blood painting the corners of his lips. The Ripper smiled wistfully above him, turning over the silver kitchen knife in his hand, watching the metal grin in the light.

    “Where you are right now,” said Hannibal to the agent as he knelt down beside him, “is the exact place where she was.” The dull blue of Zeller’s eyes suddenly brightened, like the blue flame of an oil lamp that had just been kindled. The initial horror of the realization evolved quickly into humility. To be where she had been. To fall as she had fallen. It was almost an honor. Finally came the spite.

     A spray of blood and saliva coated the Ripper’s face as Zeller put the last of his energy into spitting in his face. Hannibal swiped his hand over his face and opened his eyes to see a grinning Zeller.

     “Go fuck yourself,” the agent muttered hoarsely. The Ripper cocked his head at that before pressing the tip of the knife to Zeller’s chest, right above his heart, and sinking it in. Zeller’s eyes widened and his lips uttered a small whimper, before inhaling and exhaling his final breath.

so I’ve avoided saying this because I don’t want to tempt fate, but dammit since Bedelia said that Hannibal will make Will “kill someone he loves” and then the finale, I have this bad feeling that Abigail will fall into a coma or something and Will as her legal guardian will have to pull the plug and it’s not ok it’s not ok at all

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I see so many fics where Will goes with Hannibal and Abigail and they ride into the cannibal sunset together and like I'm all for exploring dark Will but my fav-yo thing about him is how good he actually is or at least how good he tries to be like the fact that goes against Hannibal in the finale if enough proof for that so what I'm saying is I want a fic where Will somehow manipulates Hanibal into well not killing him or Abigail and I want Will to be caught up in a game of manipulation trying

I mean yeah totally. Even though I’m a big murder husbands person I looove to see good guy Will. And that’s why I think hannigram is my OTP at the end of the day because we get to see Will who was lost, and watch him get worse and worse. Now in this season we see him kill and become what Hanni wants him to be…

But Will is STILL good. Another reason why Will is also one of my favorite characters because the other characters in Hannibal are in totally different places than they were in the pilot. They’re either corrupted or dead…most likely dead.