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TVLINE | In Episode 12, Bedelia Du Maurier tells Jack, “If you think you’re about to catch Hannibal, that’s because he wants you to think that.” But it became clear in the finale that Hannibal was actually so enamored of Will, or felt so connected to him, that he’d truly let his guard down.
Absolutely. In that moment when Bedelia’s saying that, she’s working off the Hannibal that she knows. So, from her point of view, it’s wise not to trust a damn thing about this man. And yet, [Hannibal] was seduced by humanity in a true form, [by] Will Graham. That kind of seduction surprises Hannibal, and it surprises him that he allowed it. And that’s why his response [to Will’s disloyalty] was so brutal and spiteful and devastating.

After this workout my body feels like the season finale of Hannibal

Fuck you, Christian Bale….


Do I want to watch the season one finale of Hannibal that I’ve been putting off since last night because I’m too nervous or do I want to play my last three placement games that’ll probably put me in bronze because that’s just my luck….. Tough choices.

Things that happened the week of 01/18/2014

Things that happened the week of 01/18/2014

So sometimes I feel like Comics get the short straw when it comes to these weekly updates. I still read, but it’s more of what *actual* newsworthy stuff happens every week in the world of comic books. Well Marvel came up with a big fat news story that I’m not quite sure how to feel days after it’s announcement. Marvel Comics as you know it is ending. The 616 Universe will no longer be. the…

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Go take some notes, Moffat.

Just finished Hannibal season 1 for the first time. (Holy crap, I love this show) @Hotmenwithcutedogs and I couldn’t help but compare another of my favorite shows which has not been so wonderful lately. Doctor Who’s writing has been suffering ever since Moffat took the reins. That man could really use some pointers from this show on pacing and how to create a series-long arc that actually is interesting all the way through the season.

He could also learn from this show what “twist ending” actually means and how to accomplish one. (Hint: it’s not a deus ex machina that you parade in front of the viewers and pretend like they’re too dense to figure out how that’s going to be worked into the story later. It’s also not some BS that you pull out of your rear end without any warning.)

OH, and let’s not forget that Hannibal’s finale was done without beating us over the head with the main arc through poorly written conversations along the lines of “I know we’re about to be killed by the monster of the week, Doctor, but how will we deal with the inevitable season finale crisis that’s been foreshadowed since the premier?” Plus we already know these characters and what happens to them in the future, so if the writers can stress me out about what will happen to Will Graham when I KNOW that he turns out ok for Red Dragon, then yeah, take note, second rate show runners.

Hannibal Promo

I finally give up and saw Hannibal promo, I couldn’t believe my ears when Will said “I forgive you” to Hannibal. I had to repeat and read the video comments to make sure I was not crazy, like Will, seriously, you are killing me here. I not sure if this is another plan or what, but man, consider me hooked. Again. Also the Fairy Tale talk, I love it.

kochamcie 質問:

OMG. Can the dogs be the final boss who finally defeats hannibal?! Because that would be epic revenge. HA YOU FED US THAT ONE TIME AND HURT OUR WILL. TIME TO DIE.

I’m going to pitch this idea to Bryan Fuller one day (because he’ll introduce me to Lee and Richard then MWAHAHA):

Hannibal season 10. Because the full-course meal that was served on the Titanic was 10 courses. 

Will and Hannibal have been chasing each other for years. Hannibal has gray hair. Will’s got two kids because he’s had time to procreate with his wife during this time. Hundreds more have been eaten. Bedelia has fled to Tokyo. Jack Crawford has retired and is full-time buzzed. Alana has written prolific books of her tragedy and is a multi-millionaire with a harem of hot people. Abigail is living a normal life as a new identity in Omaha. 

But Hannibal is still on the run. And there’s only one group that can stop him. 



The entire pooch crew. 

And their teeth are sharp and they are hungry for revenge. 

This time the rudest one of all will be eaten—by the HOUNDS. 

Hannibal spoilers! Season 3 trailer shows Will Graham on the hunt!

#Hannibal spoilers! Season 3 trailer shows Will Graham on the hunt!

Mads Mikkelsen as ‘Hannibal’

Finally, fans of hit NBC drama ‘Hannibal’ have got their hands on a brand new trailer that looks into what we can expect from season three.

At the end of season two, we watched as Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) escaped once again from being caught by the police so where will season three pick up?


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