Hannibal Masterpost

Season 1

S1E1 Apéritif
S1E2 Amuse-Bouche
S1E3 Potage
S1E4 Œuf
S1E5 Coquilles
S1E6 Entrée
S1E7 Sorbet
S1E8 Fromage
S1E9 Trou Normand 
S1E10 Buffet Froid
S1E11 Rôti 
S1E12 Relevés
S1E13 Savoureux

Season 2

S2E1 Kaiseki
S2E2 Sakizuki
S2E3 Hassun
S2E4 Takiawase
S2E5 Mukozuke
S2E6 Futamon
S2E7 Yakimono
S2E8 Su-Zakana
S2E9 Shiizakana
S2E10 Naka-Choko
S2E11 Kō No Mono
S2E12 Tome-wan
S2E13 Mizumono

Is it just me or did tonight sort of feel like a very complete ending, even though it was the hardest train of events to watch? Like I actually feel at peace with everything, but in a very heartbreaking and very odd way…

Tumblr, Fannibals need hugs right now ♡. What an amazing season. Think of all the cocktails that could be made from the fandom tears.


He-Ate-Us Meme: [1/1] Shocking Moment

Matthew Brown tranquilises Hannibal Lecter at the swimming pool