Sorry, Dudes. The Ladies Won Punk This Year. 

Every year around this time, music writers like to participate in the numerical masturbation ritual known as year-end lists. (Stay tuned for ours!) This is always followed by the even lamer ritual of endless bickering over said year-end lists. Then someone will inevitably stir up the pot by pointing out that not enough female musicians were included. And while I have about as much interest in getting involved in a heated argument about gender equality in music as I do in watching a single episode of either Entourage or Sex and the City, I do want to take a minute to point out that the ladies of rock totally crushed it this year. Just absolutely slaughtered the dudes, musically.


Hanman, a well-known BMW tuner, takes this 6 Series and really makes it look stunning. I would either get an Alpina or a Hanman if I got a BMW.

Power output is up to 510 horses and the Hamann quad-tip stainless exhaust will make sure you hear every single one of them. Hamann also added an aggressive body kit to go with the angered-up engine note, and bolted on a set of 21-inch matte black forged alloy wheels. Lowering the 6 Series by 30 millimeters also adds to the sporty air of this droptop.

Tim Hanmann ft. Vale… - Got To Get It EP // KDB Records [KDB032D] Genre: Techno,Minimal,House,Tech-House,Deep House,Electronica,Indie Dance, Release Date: Jan 15 2104 Beatport: http://ift.tt/x7pzlx… Label: KDB Records 1 Tim Hanmann ft. Valentine Jr - Got To Get It (Original Mix) 2 Tim Hanmann ft. Valentine Jr - Got To Get It (Trockensaft Remix) 3 Tim Hanmann ft. Valentine Jr - Got To Get It (Warma Remix) Release Info: 1st release of 2014 from our resident - Tim Hanmann with a DEEP DEEP melodic vibes ft. Valentine Jr + 2 pick time remixes from TrockenSaft and Warma, , , http://kdbrecords.com/ http://kdbrecords.com/ , http://ift.tt/1faacPz http://ift.tt/1faacPz , http://ift.tt/1aFScdf http://ift.tt/1aFScdf
Tim Hanmann ft. Valentine Jr-Got To Get It (Warma Remix) [KDB032D] by KDB Records