Just keep in mind that sam pepper edits his own videos. That means you’re only seeing the reaction of the girls who he wants you to see. In order to come up with a video that’s almost 3 minutes long he probably sexually harassed more than the 6 girls you saw on that video.

Please this past week I’ve lost a friend to suicide and know too many others who came close. Get the help you deserve. Damn it we are all going to die one day but by suicide? That’s definitely not the right way to go. There’s so much still out there. That might not matter to you at the moment. But it will one day. Do you think I care about college 2 years ago? No. I’m just starting to. Two years of not giving a shit about my future. But look. It got better eventually. Slowly but surely. It can get better. Please keep fighting through the pain. You don’t have to do it alone. People out there care. Please be safe.