There are honest mistakes made by imaginative sailors who’ve been out to sea too long, and then there are “Jenny Hanivers.” Ulisse Aldrovandi, who published this image in 1640, described it as “basilicus ex raia,” indicating an awareness of the illegitimacy of the creature. Neither mermaids nor basilisks, the carcasses of dried rays or skates were mutilated to resemble human-fish hybrids, lacquered, and sold to tourists. 
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GIF based on Aldrovandi, Ulisse. Serpentum, et draconum historiæ libri duo. 1640.

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(Yeah I'm in choir) Oh man I love Nimona and Ava's Demon!! And Monsterkind is on my list to read (the art looks really cute). Some of my favorites are like Jenny Haniver, Dumbing of Age, Namesake, and Go Get a Roomie

Haha! How’s the good old Judy? 

Huh, I’m such I loser, I haven’t heard of any of those, buuuut I really would recommend Monsterkind. The second more important thing for webcomics, for me (after content), is art. Soooo yeah, it’s adorable. 


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