hangukaddict and I are totally gonna go to this restaurant when she gets here! So if there’s anyone around Duluth, GA that wants to go with uuuussss, it’d be nice. Lol.

hangukaddict replied to your post: Aish~ I have to go and try on my ball gown to see…

Totally the life of a fangirl. Are we ever going to get a break in this kind of lifestyle.

I don’t think people understand the stress that comes with being a fangirl. Like… it’s a hard thing. PEOPLE UNDER ESTIMATE US. 

I don’t think we are, ;~;


This means I have to get changed out of my pyjamas and then do my hair and brush my teeth and actually et out of the house… too much effort. OTL

I just freaked out and hung up on a Korean guy. @_@

hangukaddict and I were looking up the Korean BBQ restaurant info and she wouldn’t call Honey Pig to ask about stuff, so I decided to do it. But this guy answered and said something in Korean really quickly and I panicked and hung up the phone and started spazzing. @_@ FML.